Cundill Prize

Today the jury for the world’s most lucrative award for historical non-fiction writing announced this year's short list. Antonia Maioni, Dean of McGill University’s Faculty of Arts and Chair of the Cundill Prize, said, “With this year's finalists for the Cundill Prize in History, the jury has identified three books that combine tremendous erudition, insight and élan.

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Published on: 6 Oct 2016

The winner of the 2015 Cundill Prize in Historical Literature at McGill was announced last night at a gala awards dinner held in Toronto. Now in its eighth year, the Cundill Prize is the world’s most lucrative international award for a nonfiction book.  The Guardians took home the top prize of US$75,000. 

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Published on: 3 Nov 2015

The six books vying for the 2014 Cundill Prize in historical literature were announced today by Professor Christopher Manfredi, Dean of McGill University’s Faculty of Arts.

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Published on: 29 Sep 2014

A fascinating account of what is described as the most destructive civil war in the modern world has captured the richest prize for historical literature.

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Published on: 30 Nov 2012

The 2012 Cundill Prize in History at McGill jury has announced its short list of contending books, selecting three from the long list of six among 143 works submitted this year by publishers from all over the globe. The competition, now in its fifth year, features a $75,000 U.S. grand prize, representing the world’s most lucrative international award for a nonfiction book.

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Published on: 29 Oct 2012