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Graduate research symposium draws high-profile keynote speakers

Edmonton—Graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering will have the opportunity to get the inside track on communicating with non-technical audiences and tech commercialization during the Faculty of Engineering Graduate Research Symposium. Keynote speakers Joe Schwarcz and Peter Hackett will share their experiences and expertise with symposium attendees and volunteers.

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Published on : 20 Jun 2013

Harpp Named Tomlinson Chair in University Science Teaching

Priority is to enhance science teaching and outreach By Neale McDevitt David Harpp officially began his tenure as Tomlinson Chair in University Science Teaching on February 1. But as anyone who knows the long-standing chemistry prof will tell you, he’s been preparing for this his whole professional life. “It’s a pretty good fit,” said Harpp from his Otto Maas office, smiling the smile of a man who thoroughly enjoys understatement.

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Published on : 04 Jun 2013

Miranda Wang: Improving the world one project at a time

Talented McGill student wins international acclaim and attention for trail-blazing research. Talented McGill student rolls up sleeves to help save the environment. Talented McGill student uses downtime to help people in need. All three of these storylines have been seen on these pages more than once, but this time, they all have to do with the same person; U0 Science undergrad, Miranda Wang.

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Published on : 07 May 2013

Researchers concerned about lower levels of oxygen in the waters of the St. Lawrence River

The level of oxygen in the St. Lawrence estuary has fallen significantly in recent decades. The causes and long-term effects of this phenomenon are poorly understood and worry researchers. ... The affected underwater region is located near Tadoussac and off Rimouski. The oxygen that marine life depends upon has fallen by roughly half since the 1930s, according to Alfonso Mucci, a professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at McGill University. ...

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Published on : 07 May 2013

Why we age but our cells don't: The discovery of stem cells at McGill

Over 60 years ago, McGill Professors Yves Clermont and Charles Leblond published a paper that revolutionized our understanding of cell biology. Their stem cell renewal theory marks the first use of the term "stem cells" in this biological context. Read more about these pioneering scientists and their contributions on the website of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology.

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Published on : 17 Apr 2013

USA Today: Dr. Joe Schwarcz comments on "toxic" chemicals

How safe is your shampoo, sofa or shirt? Campaign will soon launch efforts to get ten major U.S. retailers to phase out potentially "toxic" products. Dr. Joe Schwarcz comments on when "toxic" really "toxic." 

Published on : 10 Apr 2013

Dateline NBC: Dr. Joe Schwarcz on "Hormone Disruptors"

Dr. Joe Schwarcz sits down with NBC News' Andrea Canning to take a look at "hormone disruptors", chemicals potentially found in everyday objects that can affect our health. Question is, are they really something to worry about?  Watch it here. 

Published on : 29 Mar 2013

Review of "The Right Chemistry" by Dr. Harriet Hall

Dr. Harriet Hall, also known as the SkepDoc, reviews Dr. Joe Schwarcz' latest book, "The Right Chemistry," and concludes that both him and his book do it just right. To read the review, please click here.

Published on : 27 Feb 2013

Dr. Joe Schwarcz' TEDx lecture: Chemistry is not a four-letter word!

Always engaged in educating the public about science, Dr. Joe Schwarcz discusses the importance of skepticism in science. Click here to see Chemistry is not a four-letter word, Dr. Joe Schwarcz' TEDx lecture from last year's Montreal TEDx event. 

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Published on : 19 Feb 2013

Homeopathy Debate: Follow-up Questions/Answers by Joe Schwarcz & Andre Saine

A note from Dr. Joe Schwarcz: After our November 26 debate Andre Saine and I agreed to ask each other questions that would be answered in writing and posted on our websites. Mine were ready a few days after the event; I have just received Andre’s. Because I had agreed to post his answers, I am doing so here with some trepidation. The reason is that there is some dangerous advice here about antibiotics and malaria prophylaxis, but I think our readers will see through this.

Published on : 14 Feb 2013

What You Think You Know (but Don't) About Healthy Eating

By Jane Brody, The New York Times Let’s start the new year on scientifically sound footing by addressing some nutritional falsehoods that circulate widely in cyberspace, locker rooms, supermarkets and health food stores. As a result, millions of people are squandering hard-earned dollars on questionable, even hazardous foods and supplements. 

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Published on : 07 Feb 2013

VIDEO: Debate follow-up with Joe Schwarcz & Andre Saine

Click here to see some follow-up on the second debate on Alternative Medicine, Homeopathy: Mere Placebo or Great Medicine?

Published on : 20 Dec 2012

VIDEO: Homeopathy Debate: Mere Placebo or Great Medicine?

Dr. Joe Schwracz and Dr. Andre Saine debate, Homeopathy: Mere Placebo or Great Medicine?    Part two of a 2-part debate on Naturopathic Medicine.    

Published on : 12 Dec 2012

Trottier Symposium Webcast

Did you miss this year's Trottier Symposium, Food: A Serving of Science? If so, tune in here and catch both evenings events, with speakers Dr. Walter Willett from Harvard's School of Public Health & Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg Tuft's School of Nutrition, and Jane Brody, NY Times' Personal Health Columnist and Harold McGee, world-class expert on food and cooking. Guarantee it will give you something to "chew" on.

Published on : 14 Nov 2012

Alumnus Lorne Trottier donates $15M to McGill for science, engineering

High-tech entrepreneur’s gift will create two institutes and funds a symposium...     MONTREAL — Philanthropist Lorne Trottier wants people to have a greater appreciation of science and engineering so he is donating $15 million to McGill University to help strengthen research and support outreach and public policy in those areas. The high-tech entrepreneur and alumnus will also help fund a public symposium on sustainable engineering in society in collaboration with the Université de Montréal’s École Polytechnique.

Published on : 07 Nov 2012