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New Hires at the Schulich School of Music

In September 2015 four new faculty members will join the teaching body of the Schulich School of Music.  Adding to the current 62 full-time tenure-stream professors, 29 part-time professors and 135 instructors currently teaching at the school are Jean-Sébastien Vallée, Assistant Professor of Choral Conducting, Richard Stoelzel, Associate Professor of Trumpet, and Chair of the Brass Area, Jean-Michel Pilc, Associate Professor of Jazz (piano) and John Hollenbeck,  Associate Professor of Jazz (drums and composition).  Their ap

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Published on : 26 May 2015

Alumni Charles Richard-Hamelin, BMus '11: Radio Canada's Discovery of the Year

Lauréat du Prix d’Europe en 2011, Charles Richard-Hamelin est considéré comme l’un des pianistes canadiens les plus prometteurs de sa génération. En tant que soliste, Charles a pu se faire entendre avec de nombreux orchestres, dont l’Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, l'Orchestre symphonique de Toronto et le Korean Symphony Orchestra.

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Published on : 19 May 2015

Martha de Francisco named 'Woman of Distinction' Arts and Culture section by YWCA

About Martha de Francisco Martha de Francisco is an artist, but an artist whose work is to make the work of other artists sound great. Lend us an ear for a moment… This classically trained pianist was born in Mexico to a Colombian family. Educated in Germany she has dedicated her professional life to becoming one of the world’s top recording engineer-producers for classical music. Quite an accomplishment, considering that music recording is an almost entirely male-dominated industry – only 5 % are women.

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Published on : 06 May 2015

Flute Alumna Amelia Lyon named to Kingston Orchestra

Alumna Amelia Lyon won the audition for the Principal Flute Chair in Kingston Ontario. Amelia will replace  Donelda Gartshore, one of Carolyn Christie's former teachers.  Amelia studied at McGill with Denis Bluteau and Carolyn Christie and is an alumna of the NYO.  Born to music-loving parents in Ottawa, Ontario in 1985, Amelia has been playing the flute since the age of nine. In high school, she was an active member of the orchestra and the wind ensembles, as well as founding and participating in smaller chamber groups with other students.

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Published on : 06 May 2015

A Unique Partnership with JMC and La Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur

Next season, two of Schulich's finest piano students and each a winner of the McGill Concerto Competition, will perform recitals in partnership with Jeunesses Musicales  du Canada and with La Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur. Dates will be announced at the start of the fall season.

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Published on : 05 May 2015

First prize for Steven Cowan at the Montreal International Guitar Festival and Competition.

Guitarist Steven Cowan is the First Prize Winner at the 2015 Guitare Montréal International Festival and Competition. This competition is held annually at Concordia and attracts guitarists from many different countries. The 1st place winner receives a cash prize, a free video shooting, as well as concert engagements at the 2016 Guitare Montréal Festival, and in Ontario through the Guitar Society of Toronto. 

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Published on : 04 May 2015

Elizabeth Wirth gives $7.5M to Schulich School of Music

McGill alumna Elizabeth A. Wirth, BA’64, has made a landmark gift of $7.5 million to enhance student-related programs at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University. In recognition of her exceptional generosity for this and previous gifts, McGill is naming the New Music Building on Sherbrooke St. in her honour. The announcements of the gift and the renaming of the building were made earlier this evening at a special event at McGill celebrating philanthropy and showcasing the impact that private support is having on the Schulich School of Music and its students.

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Published on : 01 May 2015

Philippe Leroux wins French Académie des beaux-arts composition prize

Professor Philippe Leroux has been awarded the 2015 Prix de composition musicale de la Fondation Simone et Cino Del Duca, for the composition of an original short work for orchestra.  The work will be premiered later this year at the Institut de France. Since 1995, the Simone et Cino Del Duca Foundation has honoured French painters, sculptors and composers for their work in the Fine Arts.

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Published on : 22 Apr 2015

Les 40 ans de loyaux services de la salle Pollack (article de Christoph Huss, Le Devoir)

L’École de musique Schulich de l’Université McGill s’apprête à honorer l’un de ses outils les plus performants. C’est le 10 avril 1975 qu’a été inaugurée la salle Pollack. Avec ses 600 places, elle a rendu de fiers services à la musique à Montréal.

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Published on : 17 Apr 2015

New book in French by Prof. Stephen McAdams

Just published by Editions Vrin in Paris, "Perception et cognition de la musique: Les conférences Alphonse Dupront" presents the 4 Distinguished Lectures delivered by Prof. McAdams during his tenure in the Chaire Alphonse Dupront in musicology at the Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) in Mayn2008 and in the "Bilan et tendances des musicologies" series a the Université de Montréal in 2009.

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Published on : 30 Mar 2015

Monumentale Turangalîla-Symphonie

Composée de 1946 à 1948, la Turangalîla-Symphonie est une oeuvre monumentale d'Olivier Messiaen. Assurément, son interprétation représente une tâche colossale pour un orchestre symphonique universitaire. Et cette tâche a été dignement accomplie par celui de McGill à la Maison symphonique.

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Published on : 25 Mar 2015

Brubeck à l’apéro

La fin de l’année universitaire approche, tout comme la fin de la saison de concerts de l’École de musique Schulich. Ne manquez pas les prochains concerts du secteur jazz : Le jeudi 26 mars, à 17 h 30, Rémi Bolduc, directeur du secteur jazz à McGill et considéré comme l’un des meilleurs saxophonistes de jazz au Canada, présentera des extraits de son dernier disque, un hommage au pianiste et compositeur américain Dave Brubeck. Le concert est présenté dans le cadre de la série « Jazz à l’heure de pointe » de l’École de musique Schulich.

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Published on : 18 Mar 2015

Winners of the Dean's Essay Prize Announced

Generously funded by the Dean, this competition celebrates excellence in the art of writing about music in the different genres in which it unfolds.  Papers in each genre are judged on the basis of the criteria that distinguish each as the “best of its kind.”  When comparing across genres the panel emphasized the quality and presentation of ideas, with special emphasis this year on the originality of methodological approaches and contribution to the discipline.   The papers are judged by an inter-disciplinary panel.

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Published on : 16 Mar 2015

Entrevue avec Philippe Sly, baryton-basse (Tutti-magazine)

Le jeune baryton-basse canadien Philippe Sly fait ses débuts scéniques en Europe à Paris, sur la scène de l'Opéra Comique, dans Au Monde. Nous le rencontrons pendant les répétitions de l'opéra de Philippe Boesmans pour recueillir ses impressions, parler de sa voix, de ses expériences déjà riches et multiples et de son implication entière dans la musique et le chant. Lisez l'entrevue ici.

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Published on : 23 Feb 2015

Review of Dénes Várjon's piano recital.

As part of the Montréal en Lumière Winter Festival, internationally renowned pianist Dénes Várjon was invited to perform a solo recital at McGill University’s Schulich School of Music. Currently a professor at the Liszt Academy in Budapest, Várjon’s program was fit for a conservatory, a sort of chronological overview of the literature with Classical and Romantic standards, a piece from the warhorse cabinet and a touch of modernist flare. The evening was a display of varying styles and challenges that demonstrated Várjon’s adaptability and dexterity.

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Published on : 23 Feb 2015