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6 Economists Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

For years I’ve rejected the false choice that entrepreneurs are forced to make when it comes to the subjects of political science and comparative economics. First is the offer to buy in to the notion that there exists no natural connection between the underlying motivations and incentives which inspire entrepreneurs and their political and electoral choices.

Published on : 07 Jan 2014

Desautels BCom Teams Take Two Podiums at 2014 Inter-Collegiate Business Competition

Four BCom case teams in Finance (Egor Gagin and Josh Kimsa), Ethics (Kristen Foster and Greg Frank), Debate (Michayel Villani and Eric Zhao), and HR (Megan Levy and Matthew Hunter) made the finals at the 36th annual Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC) held at Queen's University from January 2 to 5, 2014. The Debate team won 1st place while the HR team finished 2nd.

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Published on : 06 Jan 2014

Emerging Models of Leadership: PBOs and Tri-Sector Leaders

Usman W. Chohan is a consultant with the World Bank Institute in the field of Social Accountability, and is pursuing an MBA at Desautels with a concentration in Strategy and Leadership.

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Published on : 17 Dec 2013

Reassessing History from Two Continents

Günter Bischof ist aus der österreichischen zeitgeschichtlichen Forschungslandschaft nicht mehr wegzudenken. Als Leiter des Centers Austria und Marshall Plan-Professor an der Universität von New Orleans bekleidet er einen wichtigen Außenposten der österreichischen Wissenschaft und der österreichisch-amerikanischen Beziehungen. Als Historiker leistet er wesentliche Beiträge zur Aufarbeitung des breiten Feldes der österreichischen und europäischen transatlantischen Beziehungen, insbesondere der Nachkriegsjahre. Die anlässlich seines 60.

Published on : 13 Dec 2013

Pay it Forward Initiative Puts Smiles on Hundreds of Faces

Over the years, the end of final exams has inspired any number of spontaneous displays of pure happiness, including high fives, chest bumping and uncontrollable giggling. But what was up with the 100 or so students boogying in the streets at the crossroads on lower campus on Tuesday, Dec. 3 – two days before finals kicked off?

Published on : 12 Dec 2013

Inaugural English Business Case Competition in Tokyo Provides Worldwide Networking Opportunities

On November 17, the first business case competition conducted in English in Japan took place. The main event was hosted by Aoyama Gakuin, in Shibuya, Tokyo, with a networking event following elsewhere in the area. ... This time, teams from Waseda University, Globis, McGill Japan and Desautels Faculty of Management won a prize in each section, and the winning presentation was given by the McGill Japan team.

Published on : 06 Dec 2013

L’EMBA McGill HEC Montréal crée une nouvelle bourse à l’intention des gestionnaires issus des Premières nations du Canada

Montréal, le 2 décembre 2013 — L’EMBA McGill HEC Montréal est heureux d’annoncer la création d’un programme de bourses dédié aux gestionnaires des peuples autochtones du Canada. Chaque année, une bourse d’un montant de 40 000 $ sera octroyée en fonction du mérite. En créant ce programme de bourses, l’EMBA McGill HEC Montréal a pour objectif d’appuyer les gestionnaires issus des peuples autochtones du Canada dans la poursuite de leur parcours académique et leur cheminement professionnel.  

Published on : 02 Dec 2013

The EMBA McGill HEC Montreal Creates a New Scholarship for Indigenous People

The EMBA McGill - HEC Montreal is launching a scholarship program aimed at Canada’s Indigenous population.  Each year, a manager of Indigenous origin will be chosen to receive a $40,000 scholarship. The selection will be based on merit. The McGill - HEC Montreal EMBA program looks for individuals with different but complementary profiles. The diversity of candidates within each cohort is essential to the learning approach of the program. The Indigenous Peoples scholarship will help to further enrich this diversity. 

Published on : 02 Dec 2013

Want to Charge More? Then Explain What You Do More Clearly

What happens when people don’t understand the work you do? Worse still, what happens when your job relies on the input (financial and otherwise) of the public and clients who incorrectly think they understand the nature of your work? Research I conducted in conjunction with researchers at a number of universities analysed just this, and we found that in complex professions such as the legal, nursing, accountancy and architecture sectors, both pay and performance can suffer when clients don’t fully understand a profession. -Article by Heather Vough

Published on : 02 Dec 2013

Une grande première à Montréal: TEDxMontrealWomen aura lieu le 7 décembre

L'évènement TEDxWomen aura lieu pour la première fois à Montréal le samedi 7 décembre 2013 au Cinéma Impérial. Tout comme les évènements TEDx partout dans le monde, TEDxMontrealWomen est une conférence unique dont le but est de partager de nouvelles idées couvrant des sujets variés. Sous le thème « Perturbation positive » TEDxMontrealWomen va essayer de toucher au rôle des hommes et des femmes dans la société, le respect des différences, la mobilisation collective des forces afin de repousser les limites des conventions sociales et se donner le pouvoir de faire des choix.

Published on : 02 Dec 2013

Ahead of the Curve: Recent International Focus in Business Schools Allows Grads to Tackle CETA Head On

This time, they’re ahead of the curve. When major events rock the business world, business schools often review their curriculum to see how, if at all, they can adapt to the changes taking place in the private sector. ... So says Francesca Carrieri, professor of finance at McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management, who believes the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), will be a positive game-changer for Canadian business, and is unlikely to have the same number of vocal detractors NAFTA did.

Published on : 02 Dec 2013

Sobeys Sees Future Benefits in Quebec Gas Station Deal

A swap of several gas station and corner store locations between Sobeys Quebec and CST Brands will help both companies grow their respective brands in la belle province, the dealmakers said. ... For Martin Qiu, an assistant professor of marketing with the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, the CST-Sobeys swap is a reflection of a growing gas-groceries-convenience trend that is already well underway south of the border.

Published on : 02 Dec 2013

Turning a ‘Black Soul’ Green: How CSR Became a Mainstay of Business Education

“I left Wall Street in 2004 when I decided I had a black soul,” says Stephanie Berger (MBA'06), a McGill Desautels Faculty of Management MBA alumna who is now the senior manager for corporate responsibility and environment at Bell Canada. “I didn’t know much about sustainability back then, but I knew Wall Street wasn’t doing it right.”

Published on : 27 Nov 2013

Talking Management with Karl Moore: How Diversity Can Deflate Bubbles

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University speaks to Columbia University professor Sheen S. Levine. Read full transcript: The Globe and Mail, November 26, 2013

Published on : 27 Nov 2013

Forget Pacquiao In Macau, It's Time For Floyd Mayweather To Leave Las Vegas

Last night’s fight between Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios interested me from a boxing perspective but its real intrigue was what it suggests might be possible for another man – Floyd Mayweather, Jr. ... This is nothing new – in fact, gambling, centuries ago in Europe, was in the same position that boxing is in today– subsidizing another non-profitable sector.  In their outstanding book A World Of Chance: Betting On Religion, Games, Wall Street, Reuven Brenner, Gabrielle A. Brenner and Aaron Brown write:

Published on : 25 Nov 2013