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Entreprise en mouvement

Au départ, Laura Vidal, Lavalloise de 31 ans, est sommelière. C'est le légendaire Don-Jean Léandri qui lui a tout appris avant qu'elle ne parte travailler dans des restaurants montréalais comme Le Club Chasse et Pêche ou le Leméac. Mais Laura a aussi fait des études de commerce à l'Université McGill. Lire l'article complet: La Presse, Janvier 11, 2016

Published on : 11 Jan 2016

Louise Richer is appointed to the Order of Canada

Louise Richer is among the 69 Canadians newly appointed to the Order of Canada by his Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada.  She was nominated “for her contributions to the development and dissemination of the performing arts as director of the École nationale de l’humour.”  Louise founded the Ecole national de l’humour in 1988.  Since its launch, she has imagined, designed, developed, defended, reflected, enriched and propelled the school, which is now recognized internationally.  Louise is currently completing her EMBA with the

Published on : 08 Jan 2016

MSF president Dr. Joanne Liu on Ebola, Syria and Kunduz

Not so long ago, Joanne Liu was a Montreal doctor at Sainte-Justine Hospital. Now, the Quebec City native and McGill graduate is the international president of Doctors Without Borders, also known by its French name, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Read full article: CBC News, January 7, 2016

Published on : 08 Jan 2016

Desautels Students Win 10 Scholarships by Foundation of CPAs of Quebec

Congratulations to the following BCom students from the Desautels Faculty of Management for winning scholarships given by the Foundation of CPAs of Quebec! Eight winners of the Undergraduate Scholarships (given on the basis of excellent academic records and social involvement):

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Published on : 08 Jan 2016

Top 10 student cities to pursue your MBA

Home to several of Canada’s highest ranking institutions, including McGill University (currently ranked 24th in the world and 1st in Canada), Montreal has been dubbed Canada’s cultural capital, and one of the world’s most livable cities. Read full article: Vancity Buzz, January 7, 2016

Published on : 08 Jan 2016

Will NewLeaf succeed where other cheap Canadian airlines have failed?

There’s no question a new airline offering cheap flights within Canada sounds appealing, but will a new airline set to launch next month succeed? NewLeaf is filling that discount gap in our country’s airline market, according to McGill professor Karl Moore, who has previously provided consulting services to the likes of British Airways and Air Canada. Read full article; News 1130, January 7, 2016

Published on : 08 Jan 2016

How to Manage Workers Like a ‘People Artist’

Imagine a workplace where people don't care. Imagine spending eight hours a day working in anonymity. Imagine being told that the only recognition you need is your salary. We hope you would only have to imagine this, not experience it. ...Another example is Henry Mintzberg, a professor at McGill University in Montreal and one of the world's leading management writers and educators, believes that management is an art, craft and science. Henry offers a no nonsense approach to management, leadership and strategy.

Published on : 08 Jan 2016

Macquarie Names Ex-BMO's Farkas Head of U.S. Equity Research

Macquarie Group Ltd. named Christine Farkas head of U.S. equity research for its securities arm as the Australian investment bank pursues expansion in the world’s biggest economy. ...She holds a bachelor of commerce degree from McGill University in Montreal and will start at Macquarie on Jan. 11, according to the statement. Read full article: Bloomberg Business, January 5, 2016

Published on : 08 Jan 2016

Boxing Day losing its appeal with Canadian shoppers

If you’re planning to skip the Boxing Day sales this year, you’re not alone. Once considered the best day of the year for deals, Dec. 26 is increasingly losing its appeal for Canadian shoppers.  “For the longest time, Boxing Day was considered to be the day — and realistically the week — to enjoy lower prices,” Robert Soroka, a marketing professor at McGill University, tells Yahoo Canada News. “It was really a very exciting time because it was considered to be that one day of the year where you could essentially walk off like a bandit."

Published on : 07 Jan 2016

Bugs on the menu in Ghana as palm weevil protein hits the pan

Kyei Manu is one of four people farming palm weevil larvae in Donyina village under a scheme run by Aspire Food Group, which operates Ghana’s first commercial insect farm. Aspire wants to bring insects from the culinary margins to the mainstream to address food shortages, as well as to boost people’s iron intake. ... Aspire was founded by students from McGill University in 2013, and launched the Ghana project last year.

Published on : 07 Jan 2016

McGill students give future Syrian newcomers English lessons online

Many people are offering help to Syrian refugees after they arrive in Quebec, but students are reaching out to refugees while they remain overseas. ... "We're filling that void," said Anita Nowak. The Mentor-in-Residence at McGill said the image of Alan Kurdi, the young Syrian boy who drowned trying to make it to Turkey, motivated them to reach out overseas. Read full article: CTV News, January 5, 2016

Published on : 07 Jan 2016

The most effective organizations have a culture than can easily adapt

This is Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University with Talking Management for The Globe and Mail. Today I am delighted to sit down with Jennifer Chatman from UC Berkeley.

Published on : 18 Dec 2015

Bombardier’s financial fortunes are slipping, but some investors are up for the risk.

While high risk, airplane maker’s preferred shares could offer high reward. Bombardier Inc. is teetering on the edge of a financial precipice.

Published on : 18 Dec 2015

These Four Letters Could Make You the Best...Boss...Ever

The modern workplace is full of abbreviations: KPI, ROI, SWOT. But it’s a bit of alphabet soup from decades ago that could prove most critical to the success of managers in the digital age. ... Last month, at the Global Drucker Forum in Vienna, a number of experts on organizational and human behavior—Henry Mintzberg, JC Spender, Sherry Turkle, and others—implored managers to retain a close, personal connection with their employees and their customers, even though that may run counter to one’s instincts when everybody is just a click away.

Published on : 18 Dec 2015

Making the business case for climate change and the bottom line

As climate change and sustainability become higher priorities for companies across all sectors more chief financial officers have been given responsibility for how the issues impact the bottom line.

Published on : 18 Dec 2015