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The Globe and Mail recently featured the research of Desautels Professors Emmanuelle Vaast and Liette Lapointe that explored the power of social media to propel meaningful social movements.

Using the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as a case study, they analyzed the surge of Tweets that followed to illustrate how social media can effectively rally individuals around a shared cause.

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Published on: 20 Mar 2018

In recent years, growing numbers of Canadian business schools are rolling out new specialty graduate degrees tailored to respond to financial, environmental and other global disruptions. One example cited in The Globe and Mail is Desautels’ new Masters of Management in Analytics.

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Published on: 20 Mar 2018

How do you address severe health inequities in your community?

Learn more about how Desautels students are behind some of the most significant social initiatives.

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Published on: 19 Mar 2018

Jean-Claude Tshipama (EMBA’16) has been appointed CEO Broadband for Eutelsat SA overseeing Africa.

His latest position builds on his international experience in business development, marketing, as well as sales and distribution, particularly in Africa, North America, Europe and the Pacific region.

Most recently, he was Managing Director at Canal+ RDC and served as Chief Executive Officer of Zympala Inc.

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Published on: 15 Mar 2018

Current EMBA participant Catherine Dagenais is the Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Société des alcools du Québec (Saq).

She recently sat down with Infopresse to talk about the importance of agile adaptation in the wake of far-reaching technological advancements, as well some of the learnings gleaned from her time spent in the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program.

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Published on: 15 Mar 2018

Since the 1980’s, Groupe Deschênes has secured 29 acquisitions to establish itself as the main Canadian distributor of plumbing, heating, electrical, water, and sewer supplies.

Building on its history, François Deschênes (EMBA’10), the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Deschênes Inc., has guided the company toward one of its most pivotal acquisitions to date - Corix Infrastructure.

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Published on: 15 Mar 2018

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, Radio-Canada featured EMBA alumna Manon Jeannotte (EMBA’ 16), Chief of Gespeg and the recipient of the EMBA program’s inaugural scholarship for indigenous managers, to discuss the path to reconciliation and her role in politics.

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Published on: 15 Mar 2018

The Desautels Graduate Management Challenge (DGMC) brings together MBA students from top universities across Canada to tackle real business problems faced by companies today. DGMC 2018 was hosted by the McGill Case Competition Association (MCCA) on March 10th, 2018.

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Published on: 15 Mar 2018

The Desautels Faculty of Management is delighted to recognize members of its community who have recently received awards of excellence.

Please join me in congratulating them for their continued and inspiring commitment to Desautels and McGill.

Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou
Dean & Professor of Finance
Desautels Faculty of Management



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Published on: 15 Mar 2018

A system-wide computer outage forced Air Canada travelers to wait long lines across Canadian airports on Monday.

While the technical issue was addressed by the afternoon, Desautels Professor Karl Moore shares his perspective on how adapting antiquated IT systems for the modern age can pose a challenge. 

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Published on: 13 Mar 2018

Ian Shaffer, BCom’96, President and CEO at Galliant Advisors

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Mr. Shaffer guest lectured with our Honours in Investment Management students. He discussed his career path since graduating from McGill and his decision to found Galliant Advisors.

He talked about his firm’s investment approach and their expertise in US stock picking. Finally he gave a few investment examples including; Wyndham Worldwide, McDonald’s and Amazon.

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Published on: 13 Mar 2018

Sarah Neilson, MBA’04, Portfolio Manager at RBC Global Asset Management

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Guest Lecture with MBA students in Modern Corporate Finance and BCom students in Corporate Finance – both with Sujata Madan

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Published on: 13 Mar 2018

“The world is too much with us,” the poet William Wordsworth said a couple of hundred years ago. He was reflecting on the Industrial Revolution, but his observation seems all the more relevant today.

Our lives have been rewired by a new revolution in the form of the Internet, and it has not only brought the world more upon us; it could also be said we are too much with the world.

Such is the conclusion Ashesh Mukherjee advances in his book The Internet Trap.

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Published on: 12 Mar 2018

The McGill Food Data Analytics Club is a student-driven data analytics club that focuses on food. As the world is heading towards a massive food crisis the next decade, there is an urgent need to come up with solutions. Inspired and supported by Desautels Professor Juan Camilo Serpa, the club members want to contribute to solving this food crisis with data analytics. This includes research, coding and outreach.

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Published on: 9 Mar 2018

Aspire Food Group, a manufacturer of food products made from crickets co-founded by Mohammed Ashour (MBA’14), announced that it has acquired Exo, a producer of protein bars made from crickets.

According to Ashour, “There was such a great meeting of minds it very quickly evolved into Aspire acquiring Exo. The synergy and logic just make sense”.

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Published on: 8 Mar 2018