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Canada stagnates while the US charges ahead: why VC in Canada is doing so poorly

In a recent piece for Asia Times, Desautels Professor Reuven Brenner shines a light on Canada’s VC culture, contrasting its sluggish returns with those of the US, which outstrips its northern neighbour across the border. Professor Brenner lays the blame on everything from Canada’s taxation schemes (which he says reduce the incentive to invest and sap the necessary capital that angel investors could put toward nascent entrepreneurs) to a weakened state of academia in this country.

Published on : 30 Mar 2017

Jobs and youth: is the degree still the best start?

On a recent Breakfast Television youth employment panel, Desautels Assistant Professor Matissa Hollister said that, though it’s not necessarily an employment guarantee, “on average, it’s very clear that the university degree is the smarter, the better way to go.” But even so, the world has changed, and a degree by itself just isn’t enough. First, there’s the perennial chicken-and-egg issue, where it takes a job to get the experience required to get a job.

Published on : 28 Mar 2017

Among Best 40 Professors Under 40

For his engaging teaching and excellence in research, Professor Sebastien Betermier has been named by Poets & Quants as one of this year’s Best 40 Under 40 Professors. 

Published on : 27 Mar 2017

Groupe Deschênes mise sur les acquisitions

Deschênes Group goes all-in for acquisitions 

Published on : 24 Mar 2017

Northleaf appoints Desautels alumnus to its infrastructure team

Northleaf Capital Partners has brought former Goldman Sachs banking analyst Simon Bibeau (BCom'15) on board to perform market research and asset management duties in its infrastructure team. Northleaf Capital is a Canadian private-markets investment firm with over $9 billion in private equity and offices in Toronto, Chicago, Menlo Park and London.

Published on : 24 Mar 2017

Supply-chain tests and solutions for growing Lush handmade cosmetics

Lush’s North American factories in Vancouver and Etobicoke are putting out bath bombs at a frenetic pace to keep up with the demands of the rapidly-growing company — and the extremely short turnaround that a preservative-free product line entails. But as the company and the wider organic and Fairtrade industries grow, they put increased strain on suppliers and growers.

Published on : 24 Mar 2017

A rare pleasure: praise comes seldom for older workers

For young workers just starting their careers, praise from their superiors can be a real boost. But, as Desautels Professor Karl Moore says in a recent piece for Forbes, professional praise dries up when they enter their 40s and 50s, since professional excellence becomes a given. Interviews that Professor Moore has conducted with senior-level professionals show this to be almost universal.

Published on : 24 Mar 2017

Charitable giving: the wealth factor

A study co-authored by Desautels Assistant Marketing Professor DaHee Han finds that there’s a big difference between the charitable giving habits of the wealthy and the less privileged.

Published on : 24 Mar 2017

Desautels MBA-Law student to spend year with Supreme Court of Canada

Aly R. Háji, a student in the joint MBA-Law program at McGill University, has been selected to fill one of twenty-seven positions as Clerk for the Supreme Court of Canada. Under this highly selective appointment, he will work under the direction of a Supreme Court Judge and will fulfill various duties, including researching points of law, preparing memoranda of law and assisting the Judge in the general work of the Court.

Published on : 22 Mar 2017

New Pulse Platform launched to boost health and wealth in India

To develop new ways to innovate and support food enterprises in the pulse supply chain, the McGill Centre of for the Convergence of Health and Economics (MCCHE) has launched the Pulse Innovation Platform (PIP)-India in New Delhi on March 9th, 2017.

Published on : 22 Mar 2017

Karl Moore talks Hot Cities

For reading week, Desautels Associate Professor Karl Moore took a group of students on the ninth edition of the Hot Cities of the World Tour, which is an annual trip that gives 30 McGill undergrads and alumni a close-up view of the cities and towns powering some of the world’s fastest-emerging economies.

Published on : 21 Mar 2017

Coaching and charity front-and-centre for former Desautels student

As Kevin Donovan enters his second year as head coach of a high-school lacrosse programme, he talks about his first game with the team, improving the squad’s place in the standings, and how accountability helps student athletes develop into adulthood.

Published on : 21 Mar 2017

GroundIt’s CEO on her entrepreneurial journey

Business partners Audrey Bolduc and Mitalie Makhani won the 2015 Dobson Cup with their pitch to make fertilizer from used coffee grounds. Now CEO of GroundIt, Ms. Bolduc returns to judge the 2017 Dobson Cup. She sat down with The Dobson Chronicles to talk about her company’s all-natural fertilizer, her incredible experience as a Dobson Cup contestant, how her time at Desautels has moulded who she is as an entrepreneur, and just what possessed her to found a startup while she was still in school.

Published on : 21 Mar 2017

Mal aimé en France, le MBA cherche toujours son identité

The MBA seeks its place in France To many, an MBA is the springboard for a successful business career — but not so in France, where MBA holders in the 120 top executive suites dropped from 37 per cent in 2011 to 21 per cent in 2015.

Published on : 21 Mar 2017