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So long, we’ll miss you!

THE Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) has been kicking goals recently and much of the credit must go to visionary CEO Sophie Galaise who has been with the orchestra for the past two and a half years. Galaise, who is French-Canadian, has just announced she is leaving us to become CEO of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. That sucks.

Published on : 22 Jan 2016

Hutchins Roundup: Macroprudential policies, bonus depreciation, and more

Studies in this week’s Hutchins Roundup find that macroprudential policies that target the cost of bank capital are the most effective way to contain housing booms, bonus depreciation has a significant impact on investment, and more.

Published on : 22 Jan 2016

The bull in the China shop: Money managers short on history and long on panic

The money managers have started 2016 in a blue funk – but most are too young to remember what kicked off at the end of the 1980s and the fact that, with the exception of the instigator, we weren’t then doomed to years of economic gloom. ...Of course, professor Henry Mintzberg described the Davos gathering as the event "where the people who spend all year causing our problems take a few days prentending to fix them."

Published on : 22 Jan 2016

Rosy job market for MBAs runs contrary to overall economic malaise

Several hundred aspiring MBAs will descend on Vancouver and Toronto next week for the first two Canadian stops this year on the QS World MBA Tour, which brings about two dozen Canadian and international business schools under one roof for a day-long recruitment pitch.

Published on : 22 Jan 2016

School diversity is an asset

Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou, the first female dean of McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management, says it is important to embrace diversity schools by having open communication. She also hopes for the day when an appointed female dean is no longer news. Watch full video: Financial Times, 22 January, 2016

Published on : 22 Jan 2016

Should You Go to College in Canada?

Both familiar and foreign, Canada has fine schools at bargain prices. But you'd better bundle up. ...Matthew Reid, an analyst at Sabal Financial Group in Newport Beach, Calif., attended the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill from 2009 to 2013. He also cites lower costs as a factor in his decision. The Canadian dollar is now worth only about 70 cents U.S., and tuition costs are generally much lower to begin with. The University of Toronto costs $19,754 to $25,584 a year in U.S. dollars, for example.

Published on : 22 Jan 2016

Could introverted leadership be the way forward?

The CEO of a major multinational recently shared with me that, as an introverted leader, he had to put on his “game face” whenever he left his floor. He’d realised that as a CEO of a big company, you need to act like, at times, as an extrovert. After studying introverts and extroverts in the C-Suite, I have come to the conclusion that extroverts, like myself, must also put on this “game face” and occasionally act like an introvert in order to be more effective leaders. ...Professor Karl Moore is from the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.

Published on : 21 Jan 2016

Une diplômée de McGill dans le 30 Under 30 de Forbes!

Quelle meilleure façon de commencer l’année 2016 pour Shobhita Soor, sortie diplômée en droit en 2015 de l’Université McGill ? Car en effet, comme le rapporte Canadian Lawyer Mag, la jeune femme de 26 ans, qui s’est dit très « reconnaissante de figurer en si bonne compagnie » a été identifiée par le magazine Forbes comme l’une des avocates les plus prometteuses de l’année. Lire l’article complet: Droit-Inc, 20 Janvier, 2016

Published on : 21 Jan 2016

Talking Management with Karl Moore: The challenges with being on multiple teams at work

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University talks with his former colleague from McGill who is now at INSEAD, Mark Mortensen. Read full transcript: The Globe and Mail, 20 January, 2016

Published on : 21 Jan 2016

NewLeaf Travel grounded

NewLeaf Travel will not be taking off next month. The airline says it’s suspending operations and refunding ticket sales as the Canadian Transportation Agency reviews its aviation licence. ...McGill Professor Karl Moore has offered consulting advice to several airlines including British Airways and feels this is just a speedbump. Read full article: News 1130, January 18, 2016

Published on : 20 Jan 2016

John Wood: ‘I had to get out of Microsoft and make education for the world’s poorest children my job’

Karl Moore is a professor of strategy and organization at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University. In this exclusive interview he speaks with John Wood, the founder of Room to Read, a global non-profit organization that promotes literacy and gender equality in education. Read full article: Financial Post, January 19, 2016

Published on : 20 Jan 2016

Megan Munroe: FBU Director of Communications & Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire

Her Campus McGill is pleased to present you with this week's über fabulous profile, Megan Munroe! Although her roots lie in both San Francisco and Vancouver, she has found her temporary home at McGill as a U1 Management student majoring in Marketing. Along with her studies, Megan is the Director of Communications for the MUS club Fashion Business Uncovered. She also runs a seriously incredible and successful blog (that I frequent when I should be studying, but her major style gives me life), theClosetCraze.

Published on : 19 Jan 2016


The moment I typed the heading, the Word spellchecker highlighted that there was no such word. It is in a way correct. It is refreshingly new. I came across it after reading the inspiring book, ‘Simply Managing’ by one of my all-time favourites, Henry Mintzberg. Today’s column is an elaboration of it in relation to the Sri Lankan context. Read full article: DailyFT, January 16, 2016

Published on : 18 Jan 2016

Desautels BCom Students Take Two Podiums at 2016 Inter-Collegiate Business Competition

Four BCom case teams made the finals at the 38th annual Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC) held at Queen's University from January 14 to 17, 2016 with the Debate team finishing second and the Ethics team taking first place.  Teams: MIS: Camille Favreau and Mykolas Raizys; Accounting: Isabel Moreno and Tate Lin; Ethics: Alexandra Del Val and Alexander Norman; Debate: Grace Chen and Matthew Meyer.

Published on : 18 Jan 2016

McGill law grad makes Forbes 30 Under 30 list

Recent McGill University law grad Shobhita Soor says she is “grateful to be in good company,” after being recognized by Forbes magazine as a breakout talent of 2016 30 Under 30 list.  Along with her teammates — while studying in the joint civil-common law and MBA program — Soor helped create a company that addresses food security around the world with innovative technology.

Published on : 18 Jan 2016