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Design to benefit the world: This solar-powered backpack improves health and education

After moving to Montreal to attend McGill University, Visram designed the Soular Backpack to help tackle one of the "multitude of problems related to education of children in Kenya." Many children in Kenya live in homes without electricity and must use harmful kerosene lamps to study at night. The Soular Backpack has a solar panel on it which charges a portable LED lamp inside of it, eliminating the need for kerosene.

Published on : 06 Jan 2017

Le Brésil se tourne vers l’OMC pour contrer Bombardier

"Il était plutôt prévisible que le Brésil décide de faire ça », a dit Karl Moore, professeur à l’Université McGill et observateur aguerri de l’industrie aérospatiale. Le Brésil montre les crocs tout simplement, selon lui, « et je crois que le Canada n’aura pas de problèmes avec l’OMC." Le programme CSeries avait attiré l’attention dès 2008, le gouvernement américain disant alors vouloir étudier de près les appuis gouvernementaux dont bénéficiait alors la compagnie. Bombardier avait affirmé que tout était conforme aux règles.

Published on : 06 Jan 2017

Why Retailers Should Be Planning Their Tech Tools for 2017's Holiday Season

The holidays are in full-swing, and retailers are working through what is projected to be a highly profitable season. The National Retail Federation expects sales in November and December to increase 3.6 percent to $655.8 billion, up from $632.8 billion last year. An improving economy spells good news for retailers – so long as they have the labor needed to take full advantage. Read full article: Workforce Management, December 19, 2016

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Published on : 06 Jan 2017

Heike Birlenbach Will Become New Head Of Sales For The Hub Airlines Of The Lufthansa Group

The Lufthansa Group has appointed Heike Birlenbach (50) as the new Senior Vice President Sales Lufthansa Hub Airlines and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Hub Frankfurt. She will succeed Jens Bischof, who has been appointed to the position of Managing Director of the airline SunExpress, effective 1 January 2017. SunExpress is a joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

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Published on : 06 Jan 2017

Business schools heed the call for more data-literate graduates

Deloitte Analytics and other companies have been pushing Canadian universities for years to produce more data-literate graduates to fill their talent needs. Their efforts appear to be paying off, with business schools ramping up their offerings in data analytics. In the Desautels MBA with a concentration in analytics, students take a five-course concentration that involves three sides: descriptive, predictive and a prescriptive.

Published on : 06 Jan 2017

Whither MBAs? Rigour, relevance and results

An MBA has always been a sought-after qualification among managers. It has been hailed as a competency builder on one hand and hacked as a money spinner for mushrooming institutions.  I read with interest the constructively critical insights by Dr. Rakesh Khurana on elite Harvard MBA. It reminded me of Henry Mintzberg, the veteran management thinker who was also critical about the typical MBAs on offer.   Read full article: Daily Financial Times, December 19, 2016 

Published on : 06 Jan 2017

Mark Michaud Commended by the Quebec Government

Mark Michaud, MBA'14, Director of Administration, recently received a commendation letter from the Ministry of Education’s Director General of University Affairs, Jean-François Lehoux, thanking him for his outstanding contribution to the workgroup that spent over a year reviewing the academic classification system used by the Quebec Government.

Published on : 06 Jan 2017

Winner Announced: Bloomberg Manulife Prize

McGill University, in association with Lawrence and Frances Bloomberg and Manulife, is pleased to announce that Dr. Thomas Robinson, a Stanford University professor of Pediatric Medicine and pioneer in using novel motivational techniques to combat childhood obesity, is the winner of the 2016 Bloomberg Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health.

Published on : 14 Dec 2016

50 GCPA Students Successfully Passed the CPA Common Final Exam

Desautels students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting (GCPA) program have written the CPA CFE (common final exam) and the results are in! We are pleased to announce that 50 students successfully passed the exam, while one among them, Marie-France Legault (BCom’15, GCPA'16), placed on the national honour roll. Congratulations to all!   

Published on : 12 Dec 2016

Trump (or Asia) will make the Metropolitan Opera great again

Though Broadway musicals (including Andrew Lloyd Webber and even the late Pavarotti’s occasional Atlantic City solo) do not compare in many minds to opera, Las Vegas has been discovering the long-forgotten relationship between gambling and culture.

Published on : 12 Dec 2016

Hitting the Road for Warren Buffett

In 2006, Professor Karl Moore led 40 Desautels Faculty of Management students to Omaha, Nebraska to learn from legendary investment guru, Warren Buffett. Given the tremendous success of the first visit and the recognized value of experiential learning, the Desautels Faculty of Management has arranged another opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate students to meet the iconic Warren Buffett on January 20, 2017.

Published on : 09 Dec 2016

McGill researchers lead development of tool to assess environmental risks of chemicals

Assessing the risks that toxic chemicals pose to natural ecosystems is a huge challenge, given the thousands of chemicals that require testing. But the task is expected soon to become less daunting, thanks to a new tool being developed by McGill University researchers. 

Published on : 08 Dec 2016

Heike Birlenbach appointed Vice President Sales Lufthansa Group for the EMEA sales region

Since 2014 Mrs. Heike Birlenbach holds the position of Vice President Sales Europe Lufthansa Group Airlines. As of next year, 2017, she will assume the role of Vice President Sales EMEA Lufthansa Group Airlines. In this position Birlenbach will not only be responsible for all sales and commercial activities in Europe but also in the Middle East and Africa. With this extended responsibility she will lead the newly merged sales area, EMEA, which, as of 2017 will combine the two former sales areas – Europe and Africa/Middle East.

Published on : 07 Dec 2016

Canadian Schools Tumble In Bloomberg Businessweek International Ranking

In fact, every Canadian business school lost ground on the list, essentially suggesting a sample problem with the employer survey, especially when three MBA programs in Canada fell nine positions in a single year.

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Published on : 07 Dec 2016

Han hopes to challenge conventional thinking in coaching ranks

Jack Han can tell you the precise moment he decided he wanted to be a professional hockey coach. A wise guy might suggest that since Han is now all of 27 years old, it shouldn't be too difficult for him to remember that, or anything else about his young life, but we digress.

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Published on : 06 Dec 2016