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When Clever People do Silly Things with Money

Many years in investment banking taught McGill University Professor Gregory Vit that risky decisions ‘happened’ far more frequently than they were thoughtfully ‘made’. We asked Professor Vit about this and his new book 'The Risk in Risk Management' in which he addresses risk management in financial organizations.

Published on : 11 Feb 2014

How Nike ran with the notion of environmental sustainability

Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, talking management for The Globe and Mail, speaks to [associate professor] Glen Dowell from the [Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management] at Cornell University. Feb. 04, 2014 | The Globe and Mail By: Karl Moore

Published on : 09 Feb 2014

‘Hot Cities’ Tour Takes Business Students to Mongolia

More than 40 students and alumni from the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University are visiting Mongolia this March, to help them understand the realities of doing business in a fledgling emerging market. ... Mia Bernhardt, a student organiser for the trip, says:

Published on : 06 Feb 2014

Talking Management with Karl Moore: How Nike Ran With the Notion of Environmental Sustainability

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University speaks to Glen Dowell, associate professor at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University. Read full transcript: The Globe and Mail, February 3, 2014

Published on : 06 Feb 2014

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Lands at YVR

Excitement is taking off today for aviation lovers; the first scheduled service to use a Boeing 787 Dreamliner has made its arrival at YVR this morning; it was a Japan Airlines flight arriving from Tokyo. ... Aviation expert Karl Moore with McGill University says it’s a game changer.

Published on : 06 Feb 2014

Heenan Blaikie Collapse a Lesson for Other Law Firms, Expert Says

Other Canadian law firms would do well to examine this week’s implosion of Montreal-based Heenan Blaikie LLP to determine if they are in similar danger of collapse, according to one expert.

Published on : 06 Feb 2014

Why Female Managers Are in Short Supply?

It took Mary Barra more than three decades at General Motors to become the company’s first female chief executive. Even then we celebrated a woman reaching the pinnacle of her profession. The same happened again when Inga Beale became Lloyd's of London's first female CEO in the company’s 325-year history. -Article by Lisa Cohen Read full article: Financial, February 4, 2014

Published on : 06 Feb 2014

Trei Modele Culturale

Professor Roxana Barbulescu's article is featured in Business Magazin, one of the leading business magazines in Romania. Read full article (in Romanian): Business Magazin, February 3, 2014 

Published on : 06 Feb 2014

New Management Concentrations Developed by Two Students

Starting in Fall 2014, students in the Faculty of Management will be able to major in Strategic Management.  ... “Social Business is a type of company that runs just as a normal business—selling a product, earning revenue—but whose ultimate goal is to solve a social problem­ as opposed to maximizing profit, like many companies aim to do,” explained Joanna Klimczak, U3 Management, one of the two students who started the project. 

Published on : 06 Feb 2014

SEI Impact Internship Program - Call for 2014 Student Applications

Introduction The Social Economy Initiative (SEI) is an important vehicle through which McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management integrates social entrepreneurship and social innovation into its teaching, research and outreach activities. The SEI is an undertaking of the Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management (MDIIM). The Institute’s mandate is to foster an integrated approach to management. The goals of the SEI are threefold:

Published on : 01 Feb 2014

Tempted to ‘Delete All’? Try Managing Your E-mails Instead

Whether it’s steady trickle of daily e-mails or the hundreds of messages streaming in during your vacation, hitting the reset button on your inbox may seem like the easiest way to cope with the digital deluge – even if the freedom is fleeting.

Published on : 29 Jan 2014

Mintzberg's Five Types of Organizational Structure

Henry Mintzberg graduated from McGill University with a degree in mechanical engineering and holds a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has been a Cleghorn professor of management studies at McGill since 1968. His early books include "The Structuring of Organizations: A Synthesis of the Research," published in 1979, and "Structure in 5's: Designing Effective Organizations," published in 1983. In these books he introduces his five types of organizational structure and how they influence the functioning of organizations.

Published on : 29 Jan 2014

YouTube 101: Class at McGill University Uses Video Site’s Creator Playbook to Teach Marketing

Most professors exhaust themselves trying to get their students off of social media. Andy Nulman (BCom'83), however, has designed his entire class around being on it. In what’s believed to be the first syllabus of its kind, McGill University’s marketing and society class uses YouTube’s Creator Playbook as its sole course book. And, in lieu of a final exam, students will be evaluated on their launch of a unique channel on the video-sharing site.

Published on : 29 Jan 2014

Talking Management with Karl Moore: How Beyond the Rack Fashions Its Strategy

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University speaks to Yona Shtern, CEO of Beyond the Rack.Read full article: The Globe and Mail, January 28, 2014 

Published on : 29 Jan 2014

Cross-border Business Teams and the Entertainment Arena

More and more companies are abandoning traditional organisational structures and creating cross-border teams of people who live and work thousands of miles apart. But there’s a catch. Nancy J Adler, the S Bronfman Chair in Management at McGill University in Montreal, puts it like this: “Interconnectedness through modern technology has deluded many people. There is the false assumption that just because we can reach anyone in the world so easily through e-mail or Skype, we are therefore all the same.”

Published on : 29 Jan 2014