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Talking Management with Karl Moore: How Steve Jobs Put the Shine on Apple

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University speaks to David Teece, a senior professor at the Haas Business School, University of California, Berkeley. Read full transcript: The Globe and Mail, April 3, 2013

Published on : 04 Apr 2013

McGill’s new Social Economy Initiative features Paul Martin and Henry Mintzberg at inaugural flagship event on April 16

Montreal, March 26, 2013 – Four pre-eminent Quebec-based social economy experts will participate in “Strengths of the Social Economy” on Tuesday, April 16 at 5:00 pm at the Centre Mont-Royal in downtown Montreal (www.mcgill.ca/sei-flagship).

Published on : 26 Mar 2013

Postgraduate Law Degrees: Judge the Merits of a Masters

Postgraduate training in law can provide students with plenty of opportunities: a legal career is just one of them. Existing lawyers might seek to augment their skills with a Masters qualification. Those on other career paths might add another dimension to their knowledge with a little legal learning. Some might simply enjoy the academic rigour of legal study.

Published on : 26 Mar 2013

Hult Prize: Ending Hunger, One Cricket at a Time

If I broke the news to you that MBA students tend to be highly competitive individuals, you may not be too surprised. The Pope is, also, apparently Catholic, and all politicians are credible and reliable.

Published on : 26 Mar 2013

Russia Complicated, Independent

It might seem crazy to visit Russia in the middle of winter, yet the goal of the recent McGill University Hot Cities Tour was to see the "real" Russia, even if it meant getting lost in Moscow at minus-2 degrees Fahrenheit.  This was my second experience on the tour, and when the time came to choose the next destination, Russia was at the top of our list. As a member of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa/Singapore) emerging nations, it is seen as a place of great opportunity, we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Published on : 26 Mar 2013

Russian Business Part of a Post-Modern Future

Karl Moore blames his generation for a lot of things - including bad architecture.  "Our library at McGill, it's ugly," he told The Moscow News on a recent visit to the city. "Today, we have gorgeous new buildings, gorgeous old buildings, but there's a time where you go, ‘This is as bad as Stalinist or Maoist brutal stuff.' It was useful, but it was ugly." 

Published on : 26 Mar 2013

Talking Management with Karl Moore: It Takes an Entrepreneurial Spirit to Be Competitive Today

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University speaks to David Teece, senior professor at the Haas Business School University of California, Berkeley. Read full transcript: The Globe and Mail, March 26, 2013

Published on : 26 Mar 2013

Russian Business Tips

McGill professor Karl Moore recently travelled to Russia with his students to help develop their business knowledge as a part of their class. Watch full interview: Global News, March 26, 201

Published on : 26 Mar 2013

Bernanke's World War II Monetary Regime

When a government spends beyond its means, the options for paying for the spree are unattractive. It can burden the populace with higher taxes, or it can wipe out a portion of creditors' wealth by inflating the money supply, repaying debts with a debased currency. Or it can do both. The United States is avoiding these choices by borrowing enormous sums, bringing federal debt to almost $17 trillion, at interest rates that the Federal Reserve has managed to keep very low. For now. -Article by Reuven Brenner and Martin Fridson

Published on : 25 Mar 2013

Developing the international management mindset

Despite the relative slowdown in its rate of growth recently, it seems more than possible that China can expect to become the world’s leading economic power at some point in the foreseeable future. But if the country is to achieve its full potential, it will need to reach out beyond its traditional markets into new and increasingly competitive ones around the world. And, along the way, it will almost certainly need to build and sustain corporate structures that do not just embrace Chinese nationals, but individuals from a very wide variety of other nations and cultures.

Published on : 25 Mar 2013

Accelerated learning would add trillions of dollars in wealth

If students could complete their education a year faster, the many benefits would include increased personal wealth, decreased government spending, and more sustainable entitlement programs.

Published on : 22 Mar 2013

MOOC-Learning Studio

Professor Nancy Adler held the second Learning Studio with managers who are taking the Leading Strategic Innovation MOOC in Bled, Slovania. Read full article (in Slovenian): Si21, March 20, 2013 Related article (in Slovenian): InStore, March 20, 2013

Published on : 22 Mar 2013

Les ravages du market timing

Entrer dans le marché boursier quand il va bien et en sortir quand il va mal, ou l’inverse, est au cœur de la stratégie de synchronisation du marché. Il existe plusieurs façons de tenter de surpasser le marché et de déjouer les indices, mais toutes comportent leurs risques, à la fois au plan du rendement, de l’économie et de la société.

Published on : 19 Mar 2013

New CSX terminal to heat up intermodal competition along St. Lawrence corridor

The late-January unveiling of a project by American rail-freight giant CSX to build a new $93.3-million intermodal terminal near the Quebec port of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield warmed the hearts of local stakeholders on one of the coldest days ever recorded in Central Canada. … For his part, McGill University business professor William Polushin sees the new terminal project as a sound business investment for CSX, Valleyfield and the province.

Published on : 19 Mar 2013

Want Agility? Integrate Your I.T.

Ever wonder if your firm's technology is holding it back? You may want to take a look at how well your IT tools play with others. A company's agility depends heavily on the integration of its technology, according to recent research by Salman Nazir and Alain Pinsonneault of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University. They found that technology can help firms handle opportunities and threats with greater ease, speed and dexterity only when the applications in play are able to work as a functional whole.

Published on : 19 Mar 2013