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Personnalité: Dre Joanne Liu

Pédiatre-urgentiste à Sainte-Justine, professeure adjointe de clinique au département de pédiatrie de l’Université de Montréal et étudiante à la maîtrise internationale en gestion de la santé à l’Université McGill, Joanne Liu s’apprête à tourner la page. Ses effets personnels sont emballés, les démissions ont été acceptées (à regret) et son mémoire a été remis au mois d’août, même si « l’étudiante » avait jusqu’aux Fêtes…

Published on : 05 Oct 2013

MBA Travellers Aim to Broaden Their Horizons

Over the past year, thousands of MBA students will have travelled overseas with the aim of ensuring that they graduate as well-rounded global business people. ... Henry Mintzberg, professor of management studies at Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, who is renowned for his rejection of conventional MBA education, has strong views on the topic.

Published on : 05 Oct 2013

Academia Rolls Out Insect-Based Flour to Feed Malnourished Populations in Developing Countries

Reality dictates that there is actually more than enough food on this planet, not to mention vastly more food-growing potential, than we have all been led to believe by social engineers and the mainstream media.

Published on : 05 Oct 2013

Why do anti-hunger and anti-obesity initiatives always fall short?

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Published on : 24 Sep 2013

Statements from Dean Peter Todd and Chancellor Arnold Steinberg

Dean Todd, Desautels Faculty of Management:

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Published on : 23 Sep 2013

Transforming the Chinese Manufacturing Industry through Global Production Sharing -- The GMSCM Program Opening Ceremony & Seminar

On May 7, 2012, Zhejiang University signed a partnership agreement with McGill University to launch an innovative dual-degree program called the Master in Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management (GMSCM). After a year of preparation, on September 13, 2013, the GMSCM program was officially launched with an opening ceremony, welcoming 27 newly admitted students.

Published on : 23 Sep 2013

Taking a Gamble on Illegal Betting

As the English Premier League season starts, punters play the odds despite the country's ban on wagers - and millions are taking the risk.

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

Bypassing the Corporate Ladder

The term "future leader" is frequently used to describe those with the potential to lead, but not quite yet. New grads entering the workforce, or individuals with one or two years of experience, seem destined to spend 10 years of their lives developing basic skills and climbing - slowly - the rungs of their chosen career ladder. So what if you don't want to spend years of your life preparing to be a leader? Simple: You don't have to.

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

Talking Management with Karl Moore: How to Manage Superstars at Work

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University speaks with Pierre Boivin, CEO of Claridge Inc.   Read full transcript: The Globe and Mail, September 10, 2013

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

CPP Bags Luxury Retailer Neiman Marcus

Canadians won't be able to shop at local outlets of Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman any time soon, but they can soon claim a piece of the storied luxury retailer through our national Canada Pension Plan.

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

Bombardier’s CSeries Jet Due for First Flight

As aviation geeks eagerly await the first flight of Bombardier’s new CSeries jet, expected within days, analysts wonder whether the event will trigger much-needed orders. ... But McGill University business professor Karl Moore argues that Bombardier doesn’t expect to get 100 per cent of the market and they don’t need that for the CSeries to be successful.   Read full article: Toronto Star, September 11, 2013

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

When Grocery Stores Meet the Supercentre

When Walmart turns one of its discount stores into a behemoth Supercentre, nearby grocers instantly face a more powerful rival. Their reactions can vary, from cutting prices, to diversifying selection, to doing nothing at all. Which works best? New research by marketing professors Minha Hwang, of McGill University, and Sungho Park, of Arizona State University, reveals what grocers should and shouldn’t do when Walmart comes their way.

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

Is Your Company Offensive Or Defensive In Strategy? Competition Lessons From Tiger Woods To Win Majors In Golf And Business

It is one of the most surprising statistics in sports: Tiger Woods has never won a major when he has not led the tournament going into the final round. Tiger has won 14 majors (second most in golf history to Jack Nicklaus) but none of them have come when he has had to chase down the leader on Sunday. On the flip side of this statistic, he is 14-1 in closing out majors when he leads going into Sunday (his only loss was in the 2009 PGA Championship). -Article by Karl Moore

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

Will Your Full-Time MBA Pay for Itself?

Many university graduates, who have recently entered the workforce, as well as professionals with years of experience, are trying to decide whether to pursue a full-time MBA. ... The cost of tuition for domestic students pursuing a full-time MBA varies greatly from province to province, with Ontario being the most expensive. Below is a sample of the tuition fees charged at some of Canada's top-rated business schools, according to the Financial Times global ranking : ... McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management Global rank: 76 Total tuition cost: $72,500

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

When an MBA is not just an MBA

When Abram Chan started thinking about what he wanted to do after finishing his psychology undergraduate degree two years ago, an MBA came to mind.

Published on : 15 Sep 2013