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Faculty & staff email migrations starting May 29

After a successful pilot phase, including over 1200 volunteers and retired staff, we are now ready to begin migrating the remaining McGill faculty and staff mailboxes and resource accounts from McGill’s central email server to Exchange Online. Mailboxes will be migrated in batches beginning on Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 6pm and continuing through July. We will be starting with service units, and progressing by faculty/department in order to avoid issues with delegate/shared accounts (see Special Notes below).

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Published on : 18 May 2016

McGill IT Security Awareness: “Browsing” – this week’s featured module

The SANS Video Library, the latest course offering in the McGill IT Security Awareness Training program, includes a set of short videos and newsletters concerning IT Security.   Check out this week’s featured module: “Browsing”. Register through myCourses. 

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Published on : 16 May 2016

Changes to McGill’s Anti-Spam Filtering

Due to the increasing prominence of phishing and malware threats, McGill IT Services will be making some changes to the Anti-Spam Filtering Service. On Monday, May 16, 2016, we will lower the threshold of messages that are considered spam and quarantined.  This means, unless you have opted-out of the anti-spam quarantine system, more email messages may be blocked from reaching your Inbox.  We anticipate only about a 1% increase in the number of messages detected as spam.

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Published on : 12 May 2016

McGill IT Security Awareness: SANS Video Library now available to all faculty and staff

The newest course in the McGill IT Security Awareness Training program includes a set of short videos and newsletters concerning IT Security.  Register through myCourses. 

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Published on : 06 May 2016

Creating Attractive Websites Using the WMS

The Web Services Group held a special session for WMS site managers and editors on May 5, 2016, presenting tools to create attractive websites. Did you attend? If so, complete the evaluation and provide your feedback. Couldn’t make it or missed something? Watch the recording online.  

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Published on : 05 May 2016

New Service: Video @ McGill

IT Services is launching a new service called Video @ McGill. This Office 365 component allows faculty and staff members to request a video channel, where they can upload video content and grant viewing permissions to students, faculty and staff members.  Students can also upload content when given the appropriate permissions by the channel owner. Think of it as McGill's own private and secure YouTube service. 

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Published on : 03 May 2016

Resolved: Problem with telephone system - no external service

Status update - 8:40 am Monday, May 2, 2016 McGill IT Services wishes to inform you that call routing to and from external networks (inbound calls and outbound calls) was down on May 1st 2016 from 8AM to 10PM due to a major system failure of our telephony service provider Telus. The issue did affect multiple organizations and clients in various regions (greater Montreal area and other locations) and has now been declared as permanently fixed by Telus.

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Published on : 01 May 2016

Security warning: Phishing & malicious attachments

A series of phishing emails, some with malicious attachments, have been reported. Samples are shown below. Please DO NOT click on any links or open any attachments, or reply to the message. Delete this email immediately! It does NOT come from a McGill source.  If you have already opened the attachment, you should contact your IT Administrator immediately! If you don't know who your IT Administrator is, contact the IT Service Desk.

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Published on : 27 Apr 2016

Phishing scam: "Email Alert from: McGill University Admin"

A phishing email has been reported with the subject "Email Alert from: McGill University Admin". It is signed from Web Administrators McGill University, and urges the recipient to click a link to upgrade their email account. A sample of the email is shown below.

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Published on : 20 Apr 2016

Faculty & Staff email moving to Office 365 in May

McGill University is pleased to announce that all active and retired faculty and staff mailboxes currently hosted on McGill's central Exchange server will be moving to the Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online service starting in May, 2016. This cloud-based service will give you 50 GB of email storage space online. The migration will be done in batches, and is expected to be completed by the end of July 2016. Last summer all student mailboxes were migrated and they are very pleased with the service.  

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Published on : 11 Apr 2016

Phishing scam sent to University-Elections list: Apple iTunes Mail

A phishing email was sent to the UNIVERSITY-ELECTIONS Listserv. It seems to comes from Apple, and asks the recipient to verify their login information. <<- Click to enlarge sample screenshot.

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Published on : 04 Apr 2016

Banner/Minerva/AX upgrade completed!

The scheduled upgrade of Banner/Minerva is completed and related systems are now open! Please restart your browser before accessing INB. If you encounter any issues using Minerva, Banner, AX or other systems, contact the IT Service Desk. INB Administrative users: Please refer to these related pages on the web and in the IT Knowledge Base:

Published on : 04 Apr 2016

Phishing scam resurfaced: "Compromised Account"

A phishing email has been reported with the subject "Compromised Account". It is signed from McGill's Information Security (InfoSec) team, and urges the recipient to fill out a form to unlock their account. A sample of the email is shown below.

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Published on : 31 Mar 2016

Clickers are going web-based!

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) is excited to announce that McGill will be transitioning from physical clickers to web-based student response systems for the Fall 2016 semester. These systems allow students to respond from a personal device (smartphone, tablet, laptop). While the vendor will be determined in the coming months, TLS has been piloting four systems and obtaining feedback from students and instructors to help in the selection process.

Published on : 30 Mar 2016

Using a public computer? Check for keyloggers first!

Whether you're using a public computer at McGill, a cafe, library, hotel, or even left your own laptop unattended for a short period of time, you should always inspect it to ensure that no keylogger devices have been attached. A keylogger is a tiny device that logs every key you press on your keyboard. It can capture personal messages, passwords, credit card numbers, and everything else you type. 

Published on : 22 Mar 2016