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Op-ed by Robert Whitley, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

"The notion that people with mental illness can act as community educators is a radical but relatively novel idea."

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Published on: 6 Oct 2017

McGill Provost Christopher Manfredi sits down with Karl Moore for CJADs CEO Series.

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Published on: 5 Oct 2017

"Louise Pilote, professor of medicine at McGill University, is excited by the implications of including more women in clinical studies, a relatively recent change. Studying women has already yielded a wealth of information — and even a new condition. We know that women can have heart attacks without blocked arteries, but until recently, researchers didn’t know why."

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Published on: 4 Oct 2017

Unseasonably warm September could be cause of slight delay in leaves changing colour, McGill professor says.

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Published on: 3 Oct 2017

Column by Joe Schwarcz, director of McGill University’s Office for Science & Society

"The brilliant German chemist was the first person to carry out a total synthesis of glucose, the fundamental building block of cellulose and starch. This was a monumental achievement at the time. Fischer’s success in determining the molecular structure of carbohydrates was partly due to his accidental discovery of a reagent known as phenylhydrazine that formed well-defined crystalline derivatives with carbohydrates."

Published on: 2 Oct 2017

Op-ed by Noam Schimmel, associate fellow at the Center for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, McGill Faculty of Law

"Even greater efforts than the already significant ones undertaken by the German government are required to combat anti-Jewish attitudes and other forms of racism, prejudice, bigotry and discrimination that undermine German democracy and its commitment to freedom, equality and justice for all citizens."

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Published on: 29 Sep 2017

Op-ed by Charles Taylor, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at McGill University and one of the world's most celebrated living philosophers. 

Published on: 28 Sep 2017

A prominent Chinese architect who studied at McGill University 27 years ago is donating $12 million to the School of Architecture, a landmark gift the university says will transform teaching and research and build stronger ties with China.

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Published on: 27 Sep 2017

We’re still a long way from understanding the causes of autism, but new research has shown some brain developmental issues even as early as 6-12 months in a baby, can be related to autism symptoms later in life.

The study involved looking at brain “efficiency”, the interconnectedness of various regions of the brain. Lewis says while the six to 12 month old babies could exhibit no signs of autism,  those showing interconnectedness deficiencies went on toedevelop autism later in the long-term study.

Published on: 26 Sep 2017

"Human rights are a thousand humble stories."

So writes the Iranian-Canadian human-rights lawyer and McGill professor Payam Akhavan in his contribution to the long-running Massey Lecture series, In Search of a Better World: A Human Rights Odyssey.

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Published on: 25 Sep 2017

Op-ed by Suzanne Fortier, principal and vice-chancellor of McGill University; Meric Gertler, president of University of Toronto; Santa Ono, president and vice-chancellor of University of British Columbia.

"Investing in research is essential for achieving Canada's goal to build an innovative, thriving society. The country's Fundamental Science Review gave us a roadmap that will put us on the right track. We have an opportunity, and the moment to act is now."

Published on: 22 Sep 2017

There have been a few attempts, and a few failures, when it comes to low-budget airlines in Canada. But it might be time for a success. That’s because Canadians are more used to the model now, says Karl Moore, associate professor at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University. 

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Published on: 21 Sep 2017

“This is a hot new frontier in both science and bioethics. And it seems likely to remain contested for the coming years,” says Jonathan Kimmelman, a member of the bioethics unit at McGill University, in Montreal, and a leader of an international organization of stem-cell scientists.

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Published on: 20 Sep 2017

"It's definitely not something we'd thought of initially," Taylor Bell, a master's student in astronomy at McGill, and co-author of the paper, told CBC News.

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Published on: 19 Sep 2017

"On Friday, the social networking giant officially announced the opening of an artificial intelligence research lab in the city. The lab is headed by Joëlle Pineau, a McGill University professor who specializes in a field of artificial intelligence called reinforcement learning."

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Published on: 18 Sep 2017