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Whatever your goals and current situation, the School of Continuing Studies has something for you! Browse programs and courses, as well as how to apply and register, here, and learn more about what's offered through various areas of study.

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Published on: 29 Apr 2016

Undergraduates can find info for the 2016–17 academic year on the eCalendar—see our new website for all program requirements; course availability; departmental & advising contacts; and other academic information!

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Published on: 16 Mar 2016

Start planning your summer: browse all courses offered for the Summer 2016 term. Discover the various Field, Exchange, and Special Study courses available during summer, offering practical hands-on experiences to complement your learning!

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Published on: 23 Feb 2016

The Undergraduate and Health Sciences eCalendars have been updated; browse to your faculty or school section to see what's new! This update reflects mid-year changes to undergraduate/professional programs, courses, and information for all faculties & schools. As always, academic advisors are also available to answer quesions and guide you towards academic success!

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Published on: 18 Aug 2015

Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies program and course information is available on the 2015-16 eCalendar! Browse through your faculty or school's grad section to see what's offered, or search all programs and courses to find yours!

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Published on: 30 Jul 2015

The School of Continuing Studies's 2015-2016 programs and information have been updated and are now available!

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Published on: 22 Jun 2015

Health Sciences program, course, and university information has been successfully launched as part of the eCalendar!

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Published on: 21 May 2015

Updated program and course offerings in the School of Continuing Studies for 2015–16 are now online! No matter your age or situation, Continuing Studies has the answer for what you've got in mind; see the SCS eCalendar for full details.

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Published on: 22 Apr 2015

***IMPORTANT NOTE (March 19, 2015): Subsequent to the February 12th press release from the Quebec Ministry of Education (MESRS), further information was announced March 19th regarding the revised entente between the Gouvernement du Québec and Le Gouvernement de la République Française as it pertains to the international tuition exemption for French Nati

Published on: 2 Apr 2015

Undergraduates can find the most up-to-date info on their programs & courses at mcgill.ca/study; this year's eCalendar—with registration, academic, and other info for the 2015–16 academic year—is now online!

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Published on: 19 Mar 2015

The 2015 Summer Studies eCalendar lists courses—including special, exchange, and field courses—available during the summer term. Make the most of the summer season to catch up on program requirements, learn a new subject, or just enjoy time on McGill's beautiful campuses!

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Published on: 30 Jan 2015

 The new Faculties and Schools page is now live on McGill’s eCalendar! Browse through your faculty here: http://www.mcgill.ca/study/2014-2015/faculties-and-schools

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Published on: 30 Oct 2014

McGill Student Services offers free group counselling sessions aimed at helping students get adjusted to university life. While learning to balance life and academics, you'll meet other students with similar struggles and share experiences and mutual support for a healthier and happier student life.

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Published on: 16 Oct 2014

The School of Information Studies is proud to announce their change of affiliation from the Faculty of Education to the Faculty of Arts. Learn more about the SIS and their offerings here.

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Published on: 27 Aug 2014

The Advanced Standing Credits and Time and Credit Limit for Completion of Degree sections in the Faculty of Arts have been updated. Arts students, find out how these changes may affect you.

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Published on: 19 Aug 2014