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Professor Steven R. Shaw, of our Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP), spoke to CBC Radio's All In A Weekendhosted by Sonali Karnick, earlier this week. The topic was "How to get your kid to go to bed...and actually sleep," and the interview was presented in conjunction with ECP's Effective Parenting public lecture series, ongoing until May 3rd, 2018. Dr.

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Published on: 10 Apr 2018

Dr. Martin Drapeau, of our Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, spoke to Globe and Mail''s Erin Anderssen last week regarding routine measurement, also referred to as feedback-informed therapy.

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Published on: 10 Apr 2018

The World Health Organization (WHO) plans to classify video game addiction as a disease, according to a June redefinition of their International Classification of Diseases (ICD). In the wake of this decision, various experts in education, law and psychology have been consulted for their opinions.

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Published on: 6 Apr 2018

Montreal Gazette							Homepage"McGill University's public lecture series on parenting offers up latest to angst-ridden moms and dads amid the cacophony of competing advice," wrote Allison Hanes in the 

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Published on: 6 Apr 2018

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2018 Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching. 

The guidelines and nomination form can both be found online (pdf):

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Published on: 27 Mar 2018

Dr. Steven Shaw, of our Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, was cited by CTV News this week regarding Elizabeth Ballantyne elementary school's "no homework" policy. 

Published on: 26 Mar 2018

Effective Parenting, the public lecture series being offered this spring by the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP), was featured in the following recent articles:

Published on: 12 Mar 2018

This week McGill University announced their prestigious internal recognition awards for 2018. Among the awardees, recognized for their outstanding research contributions, were Faculty of Education professors Ratna Ghosh, Shaheen Shariff, and Eve-Marie Quintin.

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Published on: 5 Mar 2018

McGill ResearchMcGill's Office of the Vice-Principal, Research and Innovation, has produced a series of videos highlighting recent inductees to the Royal Society of Canada.

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Published on: 1 Mar 2018

Misery does not love company

Source: McGill Newsroom

Comparing to a role model may help reduce burnout among teachers. 

Published on: 6 Feb 2018

Jeffrey Derevensky, James McGill Professor and Chair with our Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, has composed a special article to the Montreal Gazette, published Jan. 29, 2018 and titled "Opinion: Gaming disorder should not be dismissed".

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Published on: 30 Jan 2018

 textThe ECP International Student Group at McGill is a student-led group that aims to foster and support a network of international graduate students in the Department of Educational an

Published on: 16 Jan 2018

 one or more people and indoor Do you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle for the new year?
 Would you like to be more active physically? 
Make those wishes a reality!

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Published on: 15 Jan 2018