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Cell Transplant Tested as Treatment for Nerve Pain in Mice

A new study in mice suggests that scientists may someday be able to treat nerve pain by transplanting embryonic nerve cells to restore a broken nervous system. Laura Stone, assistant professor at McGill University's Alan Edwards Center for Research on Pain in Montreal, praised the study. Read more on MedicineNet

Published on : 20 Nov 2016

Faculty of Dentistry’s Presence at the Canadian Science Festival

Faculty of Dentistry’s Presence at the Canadian Science Festival here

Published on : 20 Nov 2016

MDGSS Hosts Seminar Featuring Bioengineering Expert

On May 19th, in conjunction with the 10th World Biomaterials Congress, the MDGSS hosted a seminar with special speaker Dr. David Mooney, of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Wyss Institute, Harvard University. See some photos of the event here.

Published on : 20 Nov 2016

Omar Sabsoob’s Award-Winner Poster Presentation

Congratulations to Master’s student Omar Sabsoob! His poster presentation "Factors Associated with Acute and Chronic Painful Temporomandibular Disorders" earned him the Réseau en Santé Buccodentaire et Osseuse (RSBO) Best Poster Presentation Award on March 11th, and the Pain Joint Retreat 2016 Best Poster Presentation Award in April 2016.

Published on : 20 Nov 2016

Murali Ramamoorthi Wins FRSQ Doctoral Training Award

Congratulations to recent M.Sc. graduate and current Ph.D. student Murali Ramamoorthi! Supervised by Dr. Simon Tran, Murali has been awarded a Doctoral Training Award by the Fond de Recherche en Santé du Québec (FRSQ) for his research project "Mitigating Radiation Induced Damage to Salivary Glands by Radiopaque Radiosensitizing Nanoparticle Formulation".

Published on : 20 Nov 2016

Congratulations to all RSBO Award recipients

    Mohamed Amine Mezour (PostDoc) "Synthesis and characterization of ordered bioceramics"  (Advisor: Dr. Faleh Tamimi) Garthiga Manickam (PhD) "The use of PHOSPHO1 for improved bone fracture healing" (Supervisor: Dr. Monzur Murshed)

Published on : 20 Nov 2016

Why some dental implants work and others don't

In the News: "Why some dental implants work and others don't" a study by Drs Tamimi & Abi-Nader Official Press Release here

Published on : 20 Nov 2016

In the News - Dr. Marc McKee

Dr. Marc McKee recently gave a talk on Canal Savoir on Soft Bones & Tooth Diseases. Watch it here

Published on : 20 Nov 2016

Science Exposed - top 20 images for Science Exposed

The jury has selected the top 20 images for Science Exposed, the first installment of the NSERC's science image contest. Researchers from an array of disciplines captured these images, which represent their work in an impactful and visual way. We invite you to vote for your favourite image to determine which one will receive the 2016 People's choice award: find an image by Wenge Jiang and Marc D. McKee at number 7!

Published on : 20 Nov 2016

Division of Biomedical Sciences ‘Best Papers 2015′ Competition Winners Announced

The Division of Biomedical Sciences announces the winners of the Best Papers 2015 competition. The best three papers (by a graduate student) are chosen by the BMS Executive Committee. Judging criteria was quality of the data, quality of the journal, and potential impact of the findings. Find out who the winners are here

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Published on : 20 Nov 2016

Dr. Faleh Tamimi Becomes a Canada Research Chairholder

Dr. Faleh Tamimi’s research has been getting attention, awards and accolades for some time now. Most recently, Dr. Tamimi became a Canada Research Chairholder. Find out more about Dr. Tamimi’s latest accomplishment here

Published on : 20 Nov 2016

$1.6 million CREATE grant to Prof. Jake Barrale for training in orthopaedics

On April 14 2016, a total of $21.4 million in new grants from NSERC’s Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) was announced at a press conference held at McGill’s Bellini Building. Of the total, $1.6 million will go to McGill, to fund a six-year project led by Prof. Jake Barralet, who teaches experimental surgery in the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, and specializes in bioceramic applications within orthopaedics. Read the full story in the McGill Reporter.

Published on : 20 Nov 2016

Renaming announcement: Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering

Following the approval of the GD16-09 Renaming Proposal submitted to the Board of Governors on October 6, 2016, Dr. C.

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Published on : 21 Oct 2016

PhD Students Iris Boraschi and Juliana Marulanda receive the Network for Oral and Bone Health Research Student Scholarship

Congratulation to Iris Boraschi and Juliana Marulanda for receiving the Network for Oral and Bone Health Research (Réseau de Recherche en Santé Buccodentaire et Osseuse, RSBO) student scholarship award! The scholarship is valued at $15,000 is awarded to students who submit a project consistent with the Network’s research priorities and supervised by a regular member of the Network. Read the full story here.

Published on : 18 Feb 2016

Dr. Faleh Tamimi among 25 Canada Research Chairs for McGill

Twenty-five outstanding McGill researchers are being awarded Canada Research Chairs (CRC), as announced today by the Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science, at the University of British Columbia. CRCs are granted to outstanding researchers acknowledged by their peers as world leaders in their fields. McGill research projects that will benefit from the new funds include those investigating the genetics of pain and childhood disability, as well as the ecology of the arctic and engineered quantum systems.

Published on : 18 Feb 2016