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We would like to give you a head start by drawing your attention to the Arts OASIS Degree Planning Guide.

You are invited to take part in our webinar entitled, “Planning your BA degree” which will take place on the following days and times:

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Published on: 11 Aug 2017

Voices into Action is an online curriculum-based educational resource dedicated to providing students with access to information on issues regarding human rights, prejudice, and hatred.

Designed by curriculum experts, this program utilizes a wide variety of media to present compelling information on a history of human suffering, stemming from social injustice that is still a growing problem today. Explore thought-provoking issues with your students by accessing our lessons and resources on antisemitism, racism, discrimination and stereotyping.



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Published on: 11 Feb 2015
Job Choices

Get the latest job-search advice from McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS): See Job Choices, now available in digital format, so you can access from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet!  

Job Choices is the leading student-directed recruitment publication on campus. The magazine offers:

Published on: 6 Sep 2012