Accolades for soprano Dominique Labelle's recording of Mi Palpita Il Cor


Voice professor soprano Dominique Labelle has released an album with Musica Pacifica: Mi Palpita Il Cor.  Musica Pacifica is an early music ensemble based in San Francisco  and they have built up an impressive catalog of performances concentrating primarily on the pre-Classical repertoire. Their recordings have received many awards both in North America and internationally.  Last week Navona Records released their latest album, Mi Palpita Il Cor: Baroque Passions, which features Professor Labelle.  

"Labelle has a wonderful voice for this repertoire, clear and light but with plenty of staying power for the extended vocal displays; and the instrumental playing that backs her up is impeccable."  (TransCentury) 

"Labelle brings a solid appreciation of the capabilities of all three cantata composers for such expressiveness. There is a clarity to her delivery that leads the attentive listener through unfolding changes in rhetoric, treating the overall cantata basically as a landscape of emotional contexts." (The Rehearsal Studio)

"Labelle sings with a plumy tone, judiciously using vibrato when it best serves the music but never subjecting the listener to the disembodied tone of other early music specialists. Hers is a beautiful full lyric soprano voice and the results of her approach along with the superb accompaniment by Musica Pacifica are most satisfying." (Rafael's Music Notes)