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Published: 1 Dec 2010

Please be advised that due to some recent work by the City of Montreal on its water pipes, the tap water in some McGill buildings may be slightly discoloured. This should not be a cause for concern. The City of Montreal has assured McGill that the discoloured water poses no health hazard and that the City is continuing to purge its system to remove any trace of discoloured water

Most buildings affected to date have been along the Sherbrooke St. corridor, including 688 Sherbrooke, Otto Maass, Burnside Hall, the Pulp and Paper Resarch Institute and the McLennan and Redpath library buildings. Other buildings may have been affected but we have had no reports of dirty water from them. In any case, if you detect slightly discoloured water, simply let it run for a little while and it should become clear quickly. To repeat, there is no hazard to health. Thank you for your understanding.

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