Water infiltration in some buildings



Updated information on water infiltration in downtown campus buildings

Due to the severe rainstorm last night, several buildings on the downtown campus experienced flooding (see original announcement below for more information). Thanks to the hard work of the Facilities Operations and Development unit and our security staff, most of the affected buildings will be open today.  Classes and services are not affected, with the exception of the McGill University Bookstore on McTavish, which remains closed. Here is an update:

  • Service Point was affected but will be open today.
  • The basement of the McLennan Library was affected and some work will continue today.
  • The basement of Wilson Hall was affected and clean-up will continue until at least this evening. However, this will not affect classes.
  • The emergency generator provided power to Lyman Duff Building for two hours last evening but the main power service was restored last night.
  • As mentioned, the McGill University Bookstore will be closed today.

Thank you to all the staff who participated in the clean-up operations, as well as to the student leaders who offered their help at the height of the downpour.

Jim Nicell
Associate Vice-Principal (University Services)


Original message from Professor Jim Nicell, Assistant Vice-Principal, University Services

Due to the severe recent rainstorm, numerous McGill buildings have experienced some water infiltration. Maintenance and security personnel are assessing the situation and beginning the clean-up. If any services or classes are disrupted due to the flooding, we will post announcements on http://www.mcgill.ca/students and http://www.mcgill.ca/staff by early tomorrow morning.

If you encounter flooding in your building and no McGill personnel have visited yet to assess the situation, please call one of the following numbers:

Major damage/emergency:  extension 3000 (514-398-3000)

Minor damage (clean-up needed): extension 3731 (514-398-3731)

If you have already reported a problem in your area, there is no need to call again. Clean-up personnel are working as quickly as possible to deal with the situation.  Thank you for your patience.