Timetable conflict resolved - PHGY 210 for Winter 2011


Published: 6Oct2010

N.B. :  to all Nursing students, including Qualifying Year Master’s students, who’ve experienced registration problems due to conflicting NUR1 200 and PHGY 210 courses

All Nursing students that require PHGY 210 as part of their program of study for next term (Winter 2011) can now register in PHGY 210 CRN 10244 Section 005.

Because of the high number of students enrolled, this course will carry section 001 (given in LEA 132) and section 005 (transmitted live via WebCT in SADB 2/36) as an overflow.

Students can attend section 001 in room LEA 132 but there may not be enough seats and must therefore go to SADB 2/36.

If you still have trouble registering, please contact the Minerva Help Line  at 514-398-3398. Make sure to have you McGill student ID number at hand as well as details of the error message you are receiving.

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