TA strike FAQs for students

Published: 4 April 2008

1. Why is it so difficult to reach an agreement? What are the issues?

The main points of difference are the TAs' significant monetary demands, which include the hourly rate of pay. McGill TAs are the best paid in Quebec.

AGSEM's demands are reflective of the rate of pay of the highest paid TAs in Canada. McGill's offer reflects the Quebec market and is consistent with salary increases offered to all other employees of the University.

The University's offer will enable our TAs to continue to be the best paid in the province and will provide excellent working conditions.

2. TAs work incredibly hard and the training TAs are requesting is crucial to their jobs. Why is the University refusing to negotiate on such issues?

The University is negotiating. The University has already committed to providing appropriate orientation and training for graduate students.

3. What happens if, as a matter of conscience, I do not want to cross the picket line?

If a student believes as a matter of conscience that he/she cannot cross a picket line, this act of conscience will be respected. However, assignments, evaluations and exams will not be deferred.

4. To whom do I submit my assignments?

Assignments that are due between now and the last day of class must be submitted to the Course Supervisor. They can also be given to TAs (electronic submission to both or hard copies to both), but TAs should not have the only copy.

5. I am graduating this year. Will there be delays if professors cannot grade exams and assignments?

Professors can, and will, grade papers and assignments.

6. I have applied for graduate school. What happens if as a result of the strike, there are delays in reporting my marks?

The University will do everything it can to avoid delays. If there are particularly tight deadlines in your case, make sure to inform your professor.

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