Students develop a vegan burger that tastes like meat but contains your daily vegetable requirement


Published: 10Aug2016


As nutritious as they are, it can sometimes be hard to get excited about eating veggies. Although vegetables can be cooked in a multitude of imaginative ways, many people have an image of vegetables in their head and it’s pretty much a boring bowl of steamed broccoli. Now, don’t be mistaken, people still want the nutrients vegetables offer but many consumers are not all that crazy about the taste of veggies in raw form. Because of this, people are always looking for ways to make their vegetable consumption as exciting and flavorful as possible. Whether it’s stopping at a juice bar for a kale smoothie, finding the most epic avocado toast in town, or trying to hop on the spiralizer trend, consumers are all about “sneaking veggies in.” Well, students from McGill University’s Food Sciences Program took notice of this trend, and figured, what better comfort food to sneak veggies in then a burger?

The McGill students set out on an endeavor much more challenging than that: to create a burger that was made almost completely from vegetables, but tasted like a beef burger. Well, considering they won first prize in one of the competitions of the annual Institute of Food Technologists Conference, an event that is considered one of the world’s largest gathering of food science professionals and a premiere event for food product developers, we’d say they did a pretty good job! 

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