Student-Run Café opens for business


Project managers seek student feedback on The Nest, cite dedication to sustainability as main goal.

Published January 14 2014 | McGill Tribune
Written by Catherine-Laure Juste

Redel said the SRC has been successful in achieving a main goal so far—the promotion of sustainability.

“Financial sustainability, social justice, social sustainability in anything—how you hire, how you purchase and environmental sustainability—has been one of the focus points and everything we’ve done has been put through that checklist,” Redel said. “Everything you’ve been served is compostable—containers, lids, spoon, everything.”

Sustainability is also a key theme in implementation of the SRC’s daily activities, according to Bradley.

“I also wanted to […] eliminate as much food waste as possible while still giving a nice variety,” Bradley said. “So, that’s why we have our menu designed with burritos everyday and the soup and the sandwich rotate. That lets us control waste and labour costs in the back of house a little bit better so we can still really streamline operations in the front while still giving people a different option everyday.”

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