Strike update: McGill cleared of allegations of using illegal workers

Published: 11 October 2011


A message from Michael Di Grappa, Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)

This morning, McGill received a ruling from the Quebec Labour Relations Board (Commission de relations du travail) that said McGill University has not used illegal replacement workers in maintaining classes and services during the MUNACA/PSAC strike.

This ruling fully supports the University’s position. A union complaint to the Board, which followed last month’s report of a Labour Department inspector, has been declared unfounded. As the University has maintained, McGill has scrupulously followed the provisions of Quebec labour law and used only those managers and employees who are eligible to replace striking MUNACA/PSAC staff.

It is really time now to intensify negotiations, which will resume Thursday afternoon, after a hiatus of nearly two weeks caused by the union’s inability to attend any sessions during that period. We hope serious negotiations will occur so that, in the interests of the employees and the McGill community, we can get this matter settled. The next collective agreement will only be achieved at the table.

A copy of the ruling can be found at

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