Statement from Dr. Arthur T. Porter, Director General and CEO of the MUHC


Statement from Dr. Arthur T. Porter, Director General and CEO of the MUHC:

We were dismayed to learn today the Treasury Board is considering subjecting both the MUHC Redevelopment Project and the CHUM to a comprehensive public-private partnership (PPP) process. This would add a minimum of a three-year delay before Montrealers and Quebecers reap the benefits of revitalized facilities.

Such a delay is unacceptable to our patients, our healthcare professionals and staff, our donors and the community.

The MUHC has repeatedly stated that it is not only committed to exploring all financing and risk-bearing options, but is also actively doing so. Our primary commitment, however, is to move forward with the MUHC's Redevelopment Project in a timely and effective manner to the benefit of patient care, research and teaching. In so doing, our commitment is to strive for excellence in all aspects of what we do.

This weekend, the commuter coach yard activities of the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) are being transferred from the Glen Yard site to the Sortin Yard in Ville St-Pierre and tracks are beginning to be removed. The next step is the environmental remediation of the land. In this regard, we are in the process of qualifying firms with a view to beginning the work in February 2005.

This timeline has been established so that Montrealers and Quebecers can begin to benefit from improved healthcare facilities by 2007. This is in the best interests of our patients – our top priority.