Statement on changes in Quebec tuition policy


Once McGill has been officially notified of the government decree cancelling some recent increases in tuition, and once we understand the details of how these adjustments in tuition will be made and to whom they apply, we will then begin the process of adjusting student accounts to reflect the changes. As is always the case, students can apply for a refund, using a refund request form on the Minerva portal, but they can also simply leave the balance on credit in their account to be applied to future charges. We will launch that process as soon as possible after we have been notified officially of the specific changes in tuition the government will apply. Given the range of student status, this can be complicated and can take a little time.  

Given that the Quebec Government has pledged to maintain this year's level of funding to universities despite the change in tuition policy, our budget may be affected to a lesser degree by the tuition rollback than previously thought. Again, we await more detail on this before determining the exact effect on our budget.