Staff Development winter calendar


Published: 5Jan2005

The Staff Development winter calendar is now available! New and ongoing courses are included and further announcements may be made as the term progresses. Thank you for your enthusiasm, involvement and thoughtful feedback; a few adjustments have been made in response to your comments. Keep up the good learning!

Visit Staff development to view the calendar and sign up for courses.

Waiting lists

Many courses are available; more courses can be scheduled on demand. Please use the waiting lists to signal your interest if a given course is not available or not convenient for you, or [at] (send us an email). The same is true for the HR-IT courses provided by Continuing Education.

Improved course descriptions and resources

Course descriptions have been rewritten for clarity, consistency, and to provide more detail. Course descriptions and supplementary materials for most workshops are now available on the web in PDF format to facilitate development plan discussions and provide additional information for ongoing learning. We hope you will find this section helpful and, as it is a work in progress, please provide us with your suggestions!

Development tip

Effective development is a process, not an event. Development involves:

  1. Planning - Plan, discuss, agree on relevant development activities (supervisor and staff member).
  2. Participating - Participate actively in the workshop.
  3. Following up - Discuss workshop and skills, consider obstacles and resources (supervisor and staff member).
  4. Action planning - Apply and integrate skills.

For specific staff development questions or requests, please contact Sophie F. Marcil, Staff Development Specialist (ext. 2303, sophie.marcil [at] (email)). For general information, please contact Sharon Webb (ext. 2620, sharon.webb [at] (email)) or Sarah Bernath (ext. 4205, [at] (email)).

We look forward to your participation and feedback and are eager to be a part of your development and the development of your staff members!

Robert Savoie
Executive Director

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