SIS presentations @ EGSS conference: (e)Merging Knowledges: Classroom, Community, Culture


Congratulations to all McGill School of Information Studies Masters of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) students and faculty who presented at the 2012 EGSS Conference.

Paper Presentations:

  • Jacob Siefring, Ian Roberton, Mark Stewart & Dana Tessier (MLIS I). Incidental information acquisition in the context of emergent awareness.
  • Qorvette Eileen Wafford (MLIS I). Access granted: The evolving role of archives and its implication for education.
  • Jesse David Dinneen (MLIS I). Should LIS abandon the ‘definition of information’ problem?
  • David Tkach (MLIS I). The situatedness of the seeker: Toward a Heideggerian model of information seeking.
  • Rebecca Burbank, Emily McHugh, & Amanda Oliver (MLIS II). Service learning in action.

Poster Presentations:

  • Nina Thurlow (MLIS II) & Dr. Carolyn Hank. There are birds in the library: Examining adoption and use of Twitter by Canadian academic libraries.
  • Sarah Macintyre & Ciara O'Shea (MLIS II). The learning commons in your school library: Why you should create a user-centered learning space.