SIS presentations at the 2012 Canadian Association for Information Science (CAIS) Conference: Information in a Local & Global Context


Congratulations to all School of Information Studies students and faculty who presented at the Canadian Association for Information Science/L'Association canadienne des sciences de l'information (CAIS-ACSI) conference in Waterloo, Ontario May 31 - June 2, 2012 on the theme of "Information in a Local and Global Context".

Poster Presentations

  • Amanda Oliver (MLIS II). All the World's a Stage: The Representation of Performance in the Archive.
  • Nouf Khashman (PhD candidate). The Facebook Revolution: An Analysis of Public Pages During the Arab Political Unrest.

Paper Presentation

  • Nasser Saleh (PhD candidate) and Prof. Andrew Large. Collaborative Information Behaviour of Engineering Students.

Panel Session

  • Nasser Saleh and Nouf Khashman (PhD candidates, McGill University), and Ahmad Kamal (University of Western Ontario). From #tahrir to #occupywallstreet: How Can Information Science Make Sense of Social Media and Protests?

Research Roundtable

  • Isabelle Lamoureux (PhD candidate). Resistance to Information Literacy! Towards A Model of Information Literacy For Undergraduate Students: An Exploratory Study.