Shutdown of steam facilities


Please be advised there will be an Emergency Steam Shutdown on Saturday December 18th from 2:00 until 2:30 p.m. which will affect all Ventilation Systems in all Buildings except for the Bellini Building.  The following is a list of items which will be affected by this shutdown:

Heating, Fume hoods, Cage Washers, Auto Claves, and Hot Water in buildings where it is heated by Steam. (Please note it is not possible for Facilities to list the buildings whose hot water will be affected).

Please note it will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours to re-start each individual ventilation system depending on if they are automated or have to be reset manually.

Facilities will prioritize all Animal Ventilation systems and Laboratory Ventilation systems.

This shutdown is necessary for Facilities to make emergency repairs to a Steam valve on the main line from the Powerhouse.

We regret any inconveniences this situation may cause. For more information, please contact:

Kevin Gauthier

Assistant Supervisor
Utilities and Energy Management
Facilities Operations & Development, Div. of Univ. Services
FERRIER Building

(514) 398-4767

Contact Information

Kevin Gauthier
Utilities and Energy Management
kevin.gauthier [at]
Office Phone: 
(514) 398-4767