Schulich School of Music of McGill University Composition Students and Alumni dominate at the 2012 Socan Foundation Awards for Young Composers


The John Weinzweig award for best overall work was presented to a former Schulich School of Music student (Zosha di Castri) in a tie and of the 15 composers named, 10 are current or former Schulich students. A total of 17 citations were given, and of these, 12 were awarded to current or former Schulich students. 2 of the cited Schulich composers received awards in two separate categories. In 3 of the 5 categories (Ernest MacMillan, Serge Garant and Godfrey Ridout category), the first prizes were awarded to former Schulich students. In 2 of the 5 categories (Serge Garant and Godfrey Ridout categories), all of the prizes were awarded to current and former Schulich students.

Listed here are the students and alumni as well as his or her principal Schulich School of Music Composition professor:

Zosha di Castri (BMus 2007)

-studied with Brian Cherney

-John Weinzweig Award (tie with Adam Basanta) for best overall work

-Sir Ernest MacMillan Awards (first prize)

Brian Harman (MMus 2007, DMus - current)

-studied with Brian Cherney during Master's degree

-currently studies with Denys Bouliane

-Sir Ernest MacMillan Awards (second prize)

Matthew Ricketts (BMus 2009)

-studied with Brian Cherney, Chris Paul Harman and John Rea

-Serge Garant Awards (first prize)

Christopher Goddard (BMus 2008)

-studied with Jon Wild, Brian Cherney and Chris Paul Harman

-Serge Garant Awards (second prize, tied with Alec Hall)

-Godfrey Ridout Awards (second prize, tied with Alec Hall)

Alec Hall (BMus 2007)

-studied with Denys Bouliane and Christoph Neidhofer

-Serge Garant Awards (second prize, tied with Christopher Goddard)

-Godfrey Ridout Awards (second prize, tied with Alec Hall)

Duncan Schouten (MMus - current)

-currently studies with Sean Ferguson

-Serge Garant Awards (third prize)

Luke Nickel (MMus - current)

-currently studies with Chris Paul Harman

-Pierre Mercure Awards (second prize)

Ashkan Behzadi (BMus 2012)

-studied with Chris Paul Harman and Brian Cherney

-Pierre Mercure Awards (third prize)

Marielle Groven (BMus 2006, MMus 2009)

-studied with Brian Cherney

-Godfrey Ridout Awards (first prize)

Vahram Sargsyan (MMus - incoming)

-Godfrey Ridout Awards (third prize)


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