Results of the September 2013 CIHR Operating Grants Competition

Published: 3 February 2014

Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the CIHR operating grants competition. (Posted January 31, 2014) 

Frank J Elgar
Social, economic and policy influences on social inequalities in adolescent health: a cross-national comparative study in 43 countries (1986-2014)

Bruno J Giros
A pharmacological approach to reduce cognitive deficits in psychosis: Targeting of the dopamine D1 receptors.

Eric A Latimer
Evaluating the strengths model of case management for people with severe mental illness : A multi-province study

Martin Lepage
A randomized controlled trial on group CBT for social anxiety in people with a first episode of psychosis

Marco Leyton
Dopamine and Risk for Addictions

Gustavo Turecki
Role of microRNA in Major Depression and Suicide

Sylvain Williams
Mechanism and function of glutamate release from GABAergic interneurons in hippocampus


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