Results of the 2012 ISID-CIDA Research to Practice Graduate Student Fellowships in Development Studies are announced


Published: 26Jan2012

The Institute for the Study of International Development is pleased to announce that the following graduate students have been awarded a Research to Practice Graduate Student Fellowship in Development Studies.  Funding for this award has been provided by the Canadian International Development Agency as part of its most recent grant to ISID.  As part of the fellowship, each recipient will produce a policy brief on their proposed topic.

  • Guigonan (Serge) Adjognon, Agricultural Economics:  Contract farming as a tool for poverty reduction in Africa.
  • Kim Coleman, School of Social Work:  Research to practice: Strengthening the contributions of universities to evidence-based policymaking

  • Isabelle Deschamps, Faculty of Law:  Stimulating sustainable economic growth in Africa by enabling creativity

  • Susan Dodsworth, Political Science:  The effectiveness of untying aid: The impact on accountability and sustainaible economic development

  • Colleen Eidt, Natural Resource Sciences:  The role of international aid organizations in increasing east African food security through optimization of farmer participation in agricultural technology development

  • Kedra Hildebrand, Political Science:  Environmentally sustainable economic development: The lower Mekong River Basin

  • José Marques Carlos,  Management:  Stimulating sustainable economic growth: The harmonization of corporate codes of conduct as development practice

  • Mark Mattner, Political Science:  Stimulating sustainable economic growth: Managing oil and gas revenues in Africa

  • Ifeyinwa Mbakogu, School of Social Work:  Child trafficking in Africa: The need for child-centered approaches

  • Josée Méthot, Natural Resource Sciences:  A practical guide to linking food security with ecosystem services

  • Verena Seufert, Geography:  Organic agriculture as an option for sustainable agricultural development

  • Stephanie Shumsky, Natural Resource Sciences:  Food security from the forest: Factors affecting access to non-timber forest products and their contribution to household food security in Africa

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