Renovations in Education Library impact access to collection, study rooms


Education Library Improvement Project

Main collection at the Education Library inaccessible sooner than originally anticipated

Thanks to $177,500 in funding from the SSMU and PGSS Library Improvement Funds, the Education Library will be adding additional compact shelving and creating more quiet and group study spaces for our Undergraduate and Graduate students.



In order to accommodate the shelving renovation work, the Main collection at the Education Library will be packed up and inaccessible sooner than originally anticipated.  From June 18 until the 3rd week of August, the Main collection will NOT be accessible (children's literature, theses, and curriculum resources will continue to be accessible).

The Education Library remains open and the staff is here to assist you. We will make every effort to fill requests for any items you need, either via interlibrary loan or the purchase of an e-version of the requested materials.



Please note other changes to space that are due to the extensive nature of this renovation:

  • The Quiet e-Zone and both group study rooms room will not be accessible.
  • There will be no group space available in the Curriculum Resources Centre.
  • Library construction may be noisy, please keep in mind that other branch libraries are open and available for study.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact maya.kucij [at] (Maya Kucij), Acting Head of the Education Library and Curriculum Resources Centre.

Thank you for your patience. We know the end result will make a real difference to our students.