Reducing greenhouse gases and operating costs in hospitals (press release from AHQ )


The Association des hôpitaux du Québec bestows two awards for excellence in energy efficiency management.

The Association des hôpitaux du Québec (AHQ), in collaboration with the Agence de l’efficacité énergétique du Québec, bestowed two awards for excellence in energy efficiency management today, during the SAN-TECH 2004 Colloquium-Trade Show it organized. Awarded for a second year by the AHQ and its partners, these awards recognize excellence in energy management by an institution in a specific project and in a multi-year program.

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) won the award in the Innovative energy efficiency project category, thanks to major innovations at the Royal Victoria and Montreal Children’s hospitals. By commissioning a reputed firm, the Société de contrôles Johnson SEC, which guaranteed self-financing over five years as well as the model’s technical safety, the MUHC completed an energy efficiency project that lead to savings of close to $1 million right from its first year.

Furthermore, by installing extremely efficient coil boilers, replacing obsolete cooled steam production equipment with high-performance units, implementing an energy efficiency awareness program for staff, and training technical services employees, the institution was able to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 32%.

The recipient of the award for the multi-year program was the Complexe hospitalier de la Sagamie. In the past ten years, the hospital’s technical services department was able to implement innovative and technological solutions to significantly reduce energy costs for the hospital’s two buildings. By relying on its staff, which was encouraged to take the necessary training, the Complexe hospitalier de la Sagamie implemented a structured preventive maintenance program, and centralized its mechanical and electrical control systems.

Without the help of outside firms, this hospital carried out different projects focusing on heat recovery from condensates and air conditioning condensers, efficient lighting, electrical load-shedding, using off-peak electrical power, and reducing the temperature and air flow rates. In total, over a period of ten years, and despite an increase in electricity rates of over 25%, the hospital was able to cut consumption by over 31%, leading to savings of about $3 million.

"The AHQ and the Agence d’efficacité énergétique du Québec applaud the creativity and skill of the hospital network’s technical managers who, in spite of budget constraints and antiquated buildings, were able to innovate, and get outstanding results", noted Daniel Adam, executive vice-president of the AHQ. "This second edition of the energy efficiency management awards showcases particularly eloquent accomplishments that others could emulate in managing healthcare institutions in a more efficient and environmentally-friendly manner."

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