Recruit fully-funded PhD candidates - Science without Borders program (SWB/CsF)


Dear Colleagues,

 We are writing to highlight a great opportunity to recruit fully-funded Brazilian graduate students in excellent academic standing, through the Science without Borders program (SWB) /Ciência sem Fronteiras  (CsF) program in cooperation with the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE).  This program provides full funding for PhD students to pursue their studies abroad for up to 4 years.  Please see the funding formula below for more details. More information on this program is also available at: and

To facilitate the application process, the CBIE has agreed to provide scholarship management services to SWB/CsF applicants. CBIE is accepting applications from Brazilian students and forwarding them to the universities of their choice. Additionally, SWB/CsF applicants may already be contacting faculty members in your departments before contacting the CBIE.


If you have been contacted by a Brazilian applicant interested in attending McGill as a PhD student or conducting research as a visiting graduate student/postdoctoral fellow, please respond to this email with the following information:

  • The applicant’s name and contact information
  • Beginning term of study
  • Program of study
  • Name of potential supervisor

SWB/CsF funding model:

Full PhD (48 months):

  • Paid Tuition
  • Monthly living allowance: $1470 w/o dependents; $1740 with 1 dependent; $2010 with two dependents
  • 1 time installation allowance: $1470 w/o dependents; $1740 with 1 dependent; $2010 with two dependents
  • Monthly high cost city allowance per month: $452
  • Health Insurance: $1200 per year w/o dependents;  $1740 with 1 dependent; $2160 with two dependents
  • Return airplane ticket


Additional notes:

  • New student intake does not have to be at any specific date in the year.  Offers of acceptance into a Doctoral Program (Full or Visiting) can be made to start at a date when your program would normally accept new students.
  • Nevertheless, after candidates have received a letter of acceptance from McGill, they need time to prepare and submit their scholarship application to CAPES; for CAPES to review applications and communicate their decisions; and finally to apply and secure a study permit to Canada.  We estimate that 6 to 8 months are needed to complete all these steps.
  • CBIE aims to facilitate the Canada-Brazil Ciência sem Fronteiras (CsF) Scholarship program student application and acceptance process. 


Contact Information

Jennifer Johnson
McGill University , Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
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