RAIC 2011 Awards of Excellence


Architecture Canada | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) announced on April 18, 2011, the recipients of the 2011 Awards of Excellence. The recipient of the Advocate for Architecture award is Gerald Sheff (B.Arch. 1964).

From the Advocate for Architecture award notice: "Over the years, Mr. Sheff has demonstrated a strong personal passion for architecture, and has given expression to that passion through a remarkable series of important architectural commissions, as well as through an exemplary pattern of philanthropic support for architectural culture in Canada."

The jury members commented: "Beyond Mr. Sheff’s generosity in both his time and philanthropy directed to Architecture and the Arts is his regard, as a client, for the commissioning of building projects which have achieved both national and international recognition contributing to the enhanced profile of Canadian Architecture."

The RAIC noted: "The unanimous and swift decision by the jury to confer the Advocate for Architecture 2011 Award of Excellence on Gerald Sheff is a remarkable testimony to the significant contribution he has made to Canada’s architectural domain."

The Awards of Excellence are bestowed every two years to recognize the greatest achievement in the category identified. The winners are chosen by a series of juries corresponding to the various categories offered. This year’s jury members for the Advocate for Architecture award were: William (Bill) Chomik, PP/FRAIC; Eric Haldenby, FRAIC; and Christopher Fillingham, PP/FRAIC.

The Awards of Excellence were presented during the Presidents' Dinner & Awards Gala on Friday, May 27, 2011, in Vancouver.