Proof of Influenza Vaccination and Mask Fitting Required


Published: 2Sep2009

Clinical institutions have developed plans for pandemic preparedness. Entry to some clinical settings will require students to get an influenza (flu) vaccination and be fitted for a “Moldex” brand of N95 mask.  McGill Student Health Service (SHS) administers flu immunization programs and will track students who receive these services. They have also mask fitting for “3M” type N95 masks. With limited stock this year, they are asking that Nursing students be fitted through the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) for “Moldex” type masks. One mask type size does not necessarily fit another type’s. A schedule for mask fitting through the MUHC will be made available here. Priority may be given according to entry into clinical.


Students who receive the influenza vaccination elsewhere than SHS will need to provide proof of such to SHS so that their record can be updated prior to entry into the clinical setting.


News about immunization against the H1N1 flu will be provided as news is released.


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