Professors Ellis and Janda named Hydro Québec Scholars in law

Published: 15 August 2007

The Faculty is pleased to report that Assistant Professor Jaye Ellis and Associate Professor Richard Janda have been appointed as Hydro Québec Scholars in Sustainable Development Law for an initial five-year term.

As Hydro Québec Scholars, Jaye Ellis and Richard Janda will be charged with spearheading teaching and research initiatives in sustainable development and environmental law in the Faculty of Law, with the aspiration of consolidating the Faculty's place in this field both nationally and internationally. They will also provide leadership on the issue at the University, as it is one that McGill has designated as a priority area for its academic future.

At the Faculty of Law, research on sustainable development focuses on corporate social responsibility, global justice for sustainable energy, sustainable development as a normative element in legal discourse, and the founding judicial concepts of sustainable development.

Professors Ellis and Janda will also manage, in conjunction with the Dean's office, a research and student support fund to stimulate work on these topics over the coming years. In this vein, Hydro Québec has endowed two graduate-level bursaries, the Bourse de doctorat Hydro-Québec en droit and the Bourse de maîtrise Hydro-Québec en droit, for outstanding students entering these degree programs.

This endowment from Hydro Québec is a resounding endorsement of the quality of the work being done presently at McGill's Faculty of Law on this multidisciplinary issue, and it will have impacts on a variety of areas, from the protection of the environment to the formulation of international policies.

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