Professor Dempsey’s book on air law to be translated into Spanish


On January 25, 2012, the government of the Dominican Republic announced that it will undertake to translate and publish Paul Stephen Dempsey's book Public International Air Law into Spanish.

Dempsey's book was published in 2008 by McGill's Institute of Air & Space Law (IASL) and its royalties are contributed to the IASL. Its publication in the Spanish language will significantly extend the book's reach and support the training of specialized staff dedicated to the monitoring and control civil aviation operations both in the Dominican Republic and in other Hispanic countries.

In the photo, Dr. Alejandro Herrera (left), Director General of the Instituto Dominicano de Aviacion Civil, announced this new initiative on behalf of his government.  Seated are Ambassador Carlos Veras (centre), and Professor Dempsey (right), at the signing ceremony of the translation and publication agreement in Santo Domingo.

Paul Stephen Dempsey is Tomlinson Professor of Global Governance in Air and Space Law and Director of the Institute of Air and Space Law at McGill University.