The Pirates of Penzance board the HMS Transsystemia


Following general acclaim, we reproduce here the hilarious lyrics by Francie Gow (with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan), an oeuvre that was produced for Skit Nite 2006.

We Are the Very Model of a Transsystemic Faculty (to the melody of "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General" from The Pirates of Penzance)

We are the very model of a transsystemic faculty
We're told that it's an education of the highest quality
We know the Lords of England and can quote judgments historical
We know each section of the Code in order categorical

Although we're not entirely sure what's meant by transsystemia
Our Dean assures us it's the latest trend in academia
Though profs who can define the word are something of a rarity
They pepper our exams with it to build up our dexterity

We've managed to cook up a stew of dazzling complexity
Our poor first years are in a state of permanent perplexity
Instead of simply owning up to our split personality
We call ourselves "the model of a transsystemic faculty"

But if we want to get our B's we'll have to learn to play along
We really must defend our school through thick and thin, through right and wrong
As long as we are proud of it no one will be the wiser
We'll banish all who dare suggest that it's bull... fertilizer

And if you think it won't catch on, I tell you friend, you'd best look out
Our brilliant profs are busy churning transsystemic textbooks out
Soon word will spread around the globe about our new material
(I hear we're going to advertise it on a box of cereal...)

All jurists spend their lives in the pursuit of the veridical
McGill grads know the only path to truth is bijuridical
If you don't believe me you'd be better off at U of T
We're proud to be the model of a transsystemic faculty