Paying Attention to Small Decisions Pays Off?


In continuing my coverage of the ideas of Jeroen De Flander in The Execution Shortcut, let me first introduce the problem of missing prioritization information. It describes a situation in which those responsible for implementing a strategy have to balance two contradictory strategy elements and still make the right decision. In reality, there are many such situations and each gets in the way of successful strategy execution.
The situations often relate to common trade-offs, such as when you focus on quality, you lose out on efficiency, and vice versa. De Flander cites Professor Henry Mintzberg as being the person who illustrated the solution. One of Mintzberg's insights is that “strategy is a pattern in a stream of decisions”. Like me, you are probably wondering what this means? The answer is far more simple than you might imagine.

Read full article: Strategic Management Bureau, November 19, 2013