Parking restrictions on downtown campus during Convocation week

Published: 18 May 2006

McGill's Spring 2006 Convocation ceremonies for the downtown campus will take place on the lower field, west of the Roddick Gates, from Monday, May 29, to Thursday, June 1, inclusive. Convocation is the culminating event in our students' lives and we are looking forward to this being a very exciting week in the University's calendar. We are aware, however, that convocation may cause inconvenience to monthly parking permit holders, but we are certain that everyone will understand.

Please note that during Convocation week:

  • The Roddick Gates entrance will be closed
  • There will be no parking on the main road from the Roddick Gates to the Arts Building, nor in the area near and around Redpath Museum, in order to ensure the safety and comfort of the graduating students, their families and guests
  • Vehicular traffic must use the Milton Gates entrance to access the downtown campus

We strongly encourage you to be "green" for this week and leave your car at home. However, limited parking will be available at the following lots for holders of A and C permits only:

  • East side of main campus
  • Engineering courtyard (FDA courtyard)
  • Behind the Faculty Club/Bookstore
  • Powell Student Services Building East (McTavish Street above Doctor Penfield)
  • Powell Student Services Building West (Peel Street above Doctor Penfield)
  • Drummond Street (Sir William Osler above Doctor Penfield)
  • MNI/Residences (top of University Street near the Hospital/Athletics Complex)

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding, and hope you will enjoy the festive atmosphere on campus during Convocation week as we celebrate our students' accomplishments and welcome their families and friends.


Please keep the above schedule in mind if you are arranging deliveries or services during this period.

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