A parade of honours

Published: 11 June 2015

The 2015 Wighton Fellowship Award was awarded to Dr Amar Sabih for his exceptional and innovative contribution to the instruction of laboratory-based, undergraduate engineering courses in Canada. The fellowship is funded by a generous endowment from the late Dr J.L. Wighton, a professor with a commitment to the laboratory component of engineering curricula. In cooperation with the National Council of Deans of Engineering and Applied Science (NCDEAS) and the Sandford Fleming Foundation, the fellowship was formed in 1986. The Fellowship has been awarded every year since its inception.Dr Sabi is the 30th Wighton Fellow. 

Associate Professor Srikar Vengallatore received the Samuel and Ida Fromson Award, which recognizes outstanding teaching performance by an Engineering professor. Professor Marco Amabili won the Christophe Pierre Award for excellence in research, particularly in terms of innovation and impact. And one of two William and Rhea Seath awards, honouring innovative research with commercial potential, went to Associate Professor Damiano Pasini and colleagues for their outstanding and innovative research project entitled "Fully Porous Hip Replacement Implant Capable of Eliminating Bone Resorption." The team also won 1st place honours (Innovation Driven Enterprise Track) in the 2015 McGill Dobson Cup Start-UP Competition.

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