Online H1N1 survey


Published: 18Dec2009

Have you wondered how the H1N1 pandemic has affected you?

Our research team (McGill University, Douglas Mental Health University Institute, Montreal, Quebec, Canada) has asked this very question and have also wondered how people’s reactions have influenced their behaviour toward the H1N1 virus. By asking individuals around the world a series of questions we hope to better understand how people have been affected by this disease and factors that influence their behaviour towards the disease.

Your opinion about H1N1 is important to us. By taking part in this survey you will help us better understand people’s emotional reactions to H1N1 and how those reactions influence responses to the pandemic. Answering these questions will also give you time to reflect on your own experience during this stressful time.

Additionally if you participate in this study you will be provided with the option of having your name entered in a draw for 1 of 5 gift certificates ranging in value from $25 to $100 at!!!!!

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