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Published: 7Apr2011

The New York Times recently initiated a paywall for access to their website. Prior to March 28th, access to all New York Times web content was free and available without any content restrictions on With the new paywall in place, users will be restricted after they click on more than 20 articles in a month. Since the New York Times is a valuable resource, McGill Library is investigating options to maintain access to this important title for our community.

Unfortunately the New York Times does not offer an institutional subscription to their website at this time. An alternative is Proquest National Newspapers which contains the scanned full-text (no images) of the New York Times from 1980-present (the library has access to pre-1980 New York Times through Proquest Historical Newspapers). Every article is fully indexed and abstracted by Proquest editors every morning by 6:00 AM ET. This platform allows us to link to specific articles in the expanded course reserve and in WebCT. McGill Library is currently offering access to this database on a trial basis; we encourage you to take a look at Proquest National Newspapers and provide us with your feedback.

McGill Library will continue to keep abreast of any changes with regards to institutional memberships to the New York Times website. In the meantime, as student and faculty feedback is integral to the library’s decision-making process, please send your comments about Proquest National Newspapers to:

Valerie Fortin, Coordinator, Collection Development valerie.fortin [at]

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