New uPrint prepaid card for faculty/department use


IT Services has introduced a new "uPrint Prepaid Guest Card" to be used by faculties or departments who wish to provide their casual staff or visitors with a prepaid card for the uPrint service. They are available in fixed amounts of $30 and $50 (tax included). These cards are not refundable nor refillable.  Once the card is depleted, a new one must be purchased.

To obtain prepaid cards for faculty/departmental use, a member of the department must fill out the form to Request a uPrint Prepaid Guest card. To purchase a prepaid card, the department user must use a valid FOAPAL.

uPrint prepaid cards for non-McGill guests

uPrint Prepaid Guest Cards are also available for use by visitors to the McGill Libraries, students who have graduated, staff wishing to make copies or printouts for personal use, etc. These prepaid cards are only available in denominations of $5 and $10, plus tax. They are sold in 2 vending machines at the McGill Libraries downtown and must be purchased using credit cards only (Visa or MasterCard).

For additional information on where and how to print using the prepaid cards, see uPrint - Prepaid Guest Cards.