New skating rink on lower downtown campus now open and on web cam.


Skate – you’re on camera!

The new outdoor skating rink on the lower downtown campus is open for daily recreational skating from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and is floodlit for night skating. If you’re in the mood to skate, but would like to know if the rink is crowded before venturing out into the wintery bliss, then take a peek through the downtown campus web cam. The web cam will be directed at the rink for the duration of the season. The rink is located on the lower field, immediately east of the grey boards of the broomball “rink.” We hope that everyone will take advantage of this great opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and exercise over the coming weeks.


A link to the web cam is available on the University Services web site, or you can visit it directly here.