New resource: HathiTrust provides full-text access to 3 million items


McGill faculty and students can now access about 3 million items from HathiTrust, a digital archive of library materials from research libraries around the world. Full-text material is primarily books and materials published in the US prior to 1923 and those published outside of the US prior to 1870. This includes a large collection of US government documents. Abstracts are available for more current documents. More material is added every day.

To access this resource:

1. Go to

2. Run a search using key words or phrases.

3. To see an item in your result list, select “Limited” or “Full view”.

Limited means you will have some content only, and this typically applies to material published after 1923 in US (or after 1870 outside of the US). Full view means you have full-text access to the document.

You can log in to HathiTrust to see more information about a document, and to see more full-text documents:

1. After you select an item, click on “Login” in the top right corner.

2. Select McGill University and click Login.

3. Enter your McGill Username and McGill Password and click Login. If additional information is available, it will display, and you will see more items in your list change from Limited to Full view.