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New Ombudsperson for Students


Published: 1 Sep 2009

To Members of the McGill community:

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Spencer Boudreau as the  Ombudsperson for Students, effective September 1, 2009.

The Board of Governors recently approved a revised mandate for the Ombudsperson for Students, who is charged with providing an independent, impartial and confidential process through which students may seek the just, fair and equitable resolution of any University-related concern, where normal non-adversarial administrative channels for addressing such matters are inappropriate in the circumstances or prove ineffective.  The Ombudsperson for Students, where appropriate, may also review University policies, guidelines and procedures affecting students, make recommendations for change, and promote discussion of University-wide student related concerns.

Professor Boudreau brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and integrity to this position.  He has been a member of the Faculty of Education for over 20 years, serving as Director of the Office of Student Teaching for 9 years and as Associate Dean (Teaching, Learning, and Students) for the last 6 years.  He has also served as a member of the Committee on Student Affairs and as Chair of the University Grievance Committee, which will serve him well in his new position, as will the high esteem and respect he enjoys from students, faculty, and administrators alike.

Please join me in thanking Professor Boudreau for taking on the responsibilities and challenges of the position of Ombudsperson for Students.

It only remains for me to thank Dr. Linda Jacobs Starkey for serving so ably as Interim Ombudsperson for Students during the past year.  She is to be commended for embracing the role of Ombudsperson for Students with such dedication and commitment to student well being.

Anthony C. Masi

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